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 About the author …

The story goes with me leaving my permanent job, apartments and my so-called “stable and routinised life” sometime ago. I left with the intention to explore the world and to discover myself a bit more. To understand my purpose on earth if you want.

At Roundhill Ski Field

The Background

Born and raised in the Land of Hornbills of the Borneo Island. I moved from the rainforest into the concrete jungle (Kuala Lumpur) when I was about 18. Lived most of my young adult life (20-27) stuck in metropolis way of living.

I think at one point of my life, I grew up too fast, and wanted to make my mark in my immediate society. And, being where I was before, I never truly felt “Me”. I was trapped. I know deep down I wasn’t living the life that I was meant to. Waking up in the morning, going through the same routine and looking into the mirror — the reflection that I saw looking back at me just wasn’t me. I was trapped. I wasn’t happy. For years, since high school I have always plotted my strategy to leave. And, I never got too far — I was slowly sucked into the realm of social expectation, obediently performing my social role.

I was paralysed and depressed. I couldn’t understand why I feel what I felt.

Everything was normal. “Too normal”, I thought!

Well, to cut the story short — Unsatisfied, frustrated and aimless; I have decided that I have had enough and I’m leaving.  Where? I don’t care. I just need to go. So, after contemplating all possible alternatives, the decision was made to go back to the university and maybe even learn something new. So, after about 2 months of preparation and packing, I had my ticket to the beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand back in 2009. I have not looked back since. 

I am now a 2nd time round graduate with the past background in Mass Media & Communication, Broadcasting, Sales and Marketing.  While, my current degree focuses in Sociology, Anthropology, Social Services and Psychology. Yup, it was a huge divergent from my original studies. Nonetheless, I was happy with my choices. I have learned so much and I love the diversity of skills and knowledge learnt.

On the lighter side — I’m also an amateur photographer, an explorer, love and enjoy great food [I think it’s because of my Asian gene] (nature or nurture? –hmmm!), am a tech freak, social media geek, passionate about learning, startup and a serious dreamer. I  discovering new corners of the world through slow travel and religiously taking photos and improve along the way.

Slow travel? I believe that only through slow travel can one have the opportunity to experience the local life, to connect to a place, its people and the culture. It’s also a way to see  and feel things from a different perspective than the typical tourist must see experience.

Travel Style? I am a huge fan of archaeological sites and destinations that are rich in culture and history.  So often you will find me spending heaps of time in museums and historical sites. I also enjoy beach getaway and hunting for culinary adventures along the way.

Ultimately, I would ♥ to have live in all the different continents of the world throughout my lifetime. I crave for the mystery and am intrigue of what awaits when I arrived in a new place. I hate when life starts to get into a routine and that’s when my itchy feet starts.

What’s in my travel bag? My travel philosophy is keeping it “KISS“. Keep It Simple and Sweet.  I don’t go crazy trying to dress up while travelling nor trying to go all too comfy in just my PJ’s (eventhough I don’t mind it – LOL!). I love wearing jeans, t-shirt, having a cozy sweater/jacket around and a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

So, why “Blog”?

I have learnt from a young age that I’m brutally honest with my opinion. And, yes, that had gotten me into alot of troubles. But I have since socially refined and learned the acceptable etiquette. In other words, “keep my mind to myself”. Thus, the blogging. It had become a faithful cohort to my everyday’s life and challenges.

Blogging has became my way of expression. I started blogging around 2006 if I remember correctly. I started out with “Blogspot” and now moving into my new home with “WordPress”.

I hope to be able to use this blog, “The Orient Nomad” to share snippets of my life; things that got me thinking, what inspired me, my happy & sad days, photos, random ramblings, chronicle my travel adventures, tips, ideas, more photos and perhaps, inspire some people along the way..

Blog had given me that space to be a little more free and more spontaneous in regards to my thoughts and my daily well-being. I also hope that with blogging, I’ll be able to get more feedback and interaction with  fellow friends and readers where my blog and I will continue to evolve.

However, my apologize if you find some posts disorganised or you identified any grammatical error. I guess these blog posts do represent my thoughts and personality. I am someone who are not bothered with small issues but more concern with the bigger picture of life. So, do bear with me for the little mistakes that you might find around my blog/s.

For now, I embark daily on my personal adventure — So, feel free to leave a comment on my blog, just to say “hai”, suggest a place to go, what to try, or even suggest an idea for post along the way. I would be really happy to hear from any of you.

I am always looking for opportunity ANYWHERE around the globe. So, if you have something interesting — Challenge me! – i love trying out different things.


               ♥ NAF aka The Orient Nomad

St Kilda

**Content of this page can and will change over time accordingly when I find the need to do so**

10 Comments Add yours

  1. i LOVE your “about” page…so honest!!
    and your blog too!!
    keep it up :~))

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Thank you mango.shenanigans. I really appreciate your comment. I love your photography a lot too. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to read.

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Thanks for liking my blog. Come back more often 🙂

  2. smkelly8 says:

    You’re a kindred spirit. I applaud your decisions.

    1. JY says:

      Thanks. I am still not regretting it. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  3. My Tropical Home says:

    Hello Noora! Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I went through something similar like you did about routines and getting out of that…I now have a family and there are things we do everyday but with children there’s no such thing as the same thing every day. This is my journey now. I wish all the best with yours. I’m looking forward to more of your posts. Have a blessed week! Regards, Mary

    1. JY says:

      Thanks Mary for dropping by my blog. I guess it is not just the routines that gets to me but you just know it’s not your kind of life. 🙂

      I am sure there’s no one day is the same with children around. I worked with children. There is never one day is the same. But I am loving it.


  4. Applause to you for knowing the life you had was not the one. Congrats on your achievements! Sally

    1. JY says:

      Thanks Sally. I am glad that I did know what I wanted. 🙂

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