The Orient Nomad

Updated 15 August 2017 (Tomorrow will be exactly 1 month since I arrived in Norway)

The Orient Nomad in Norge – Assumption, Observation & Experience

Hi! Hi! (I love how Norwegian greets)

I am the author of ‘Norsk Orient Nomad aka The Orient Nomad’. Jeg kommer fra New Zealand, men jeg bor i Gjøvik. (I come from New Zealand, but now I live in Gjøvik). I am born and bred in the beautiful Borneo Island and then moved to New Zealand.  We have recently relocated to Norway due to my husband’s work. Currently, we are based in Gjøvik, Norway and this the beginning of our new Nordic adventure.

I am hoping to use Norsk Orient Nomad as a platform to document our Nordic experience from our assumption, observation and our learning in this new phase of our life.

The things I write about are of my own and may not represent the opinions of others. But hopefully some of these experiences may help some newcomers in Norway to settle better and to feel that they are not alone in this messy business of learning to blend in/integrating (when adapting to new culture, language, food and most of all the people).

Hopefully you will find some of these contents useful or at times, entertaining.  I will try to post a new post every Mandag (Monday) and you will notice a mix of Norwegian words being use here and there (this is my way of learning and maybe for you, too).

Tusen takk! (Thousand Thanks!)



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