Travel Related ♥

“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.” 
― Dr. Seuss

Travel Related

1. Ice-hiking up Franz Josef Glacier  [30 June 2009]

2. Did the Tongariro Alpine Crossing [16 Dec 2009]

3. Experienced Snow for the first time [16 June 2009]

4. Skied [Cadrona in July 2010 and RoundHill Skifield in July 2011]

5. Built my 1st. snowman [16 July 2010]

6. Had Snowball Fight

7. Live in a 4 seasons country (New Zealand)

8. Hosted Couchsurfers

9. Camping (In both South & North Island New Zealand) [Read about my post here: The Simple Joy of Camping]

10. Lived in a campervan (Jucy in Australia)

11. Lived in a big Motorhome (Gateway Motorhome in New Zealand)

12. Experienced an earthquake (In Rotorua, Dunedin)

13. Caving at Gua Tempurung

14. Slept in the airport (Taipei International Airport, Auckland International Airport, Christchurch Airport,)

15. Taken over 2000 photos on a single trip

16. Ridden an elephant (3x)

17. Ridden a horse (3x)

18. Seen a ladyboy show in Thailand

19. Had bargained in Thai

20. Ride in the boat at the floating market, Bangkok

21. Seen and touched an Ostrich

22. Seen a seal in the wild

23. Seen a yellow-eyed penguin

24. Was at the East Cape lighthouse (the most easterly point on the North Island) to experience the sunrise. It was said to be the first lighthouse to see the sun in the world.

25. The thrill of being on the crazy HOT WATER BEACH. Dig your own hot spa. 

26. Touched a Kangaroo [9 Jan 2010]

27. Seen a Koala

28. Whale-watching in Kaikoura New Zealand [9 July 2009]

29. Been to Disneyland, Hong Kong [2007]

30. Visited and seen Taipei 101 when it’s the tallest building in the world [2008]

31. Seen New Zealand’s Tallest Tree

32. Dug my own cockles/clams for dinner

33. Slept in a public park in Auckland (November 2010)

34. Seen and explored part of the Angkor Archaeological Park

35. Seen Borobudur and traveled Jogjakarta

36. Seen the amazing Bagan and traveled Myanmar (Post coming soon)


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