Our Highly Recommended Tuk Tuk Driver in Siem Reap

Koeun picked us up for free at the airport as part of the guesthouse’s service. The first impression I had of Koeun was that he was really soft-spoken and a safe driver. He sent us to the guesthouse and informed us that he would love it if we would use his tuk tuk service while…

Do you now take less risky choices because you are older?

I don’t know if any of you realised this? That we tend to made less riskier choices when we get older. I know I am. I am becoming more and more aware of choices that I choose to made. I take less risk and am worrying way to much for what might and could happen….

Christchurch City Re:START village

More about Re:START Re:Start is an initiative by building a temporary pedestrian shopping mall made from shipping containers after the Christchurch devastating earthquake. The idea is to bring as much life as they can do Christchurch red zone and to normalise the community to get on with their lives. I was there just couple days…

Dunedin Southern Cemetery

As odd as it may sound but I am one of those few that enjoy visiting cemeteries. Visiting the cemeteries are really no different to visiting a museum. In fact, I think it actually evoke more emotion in one than anything else. It’s always a mix sensation of lost, mystery, forgotten, eery yet somewhat peaceful in them….