Life Choices

Life is incredibly weird at times. Sometime I am not sure whether I have been making the right conscious choices in life to get to this point I am in life now or have I just been incredibly lucky? I guess it really depends on whom you are talking to. Some may even claimed that it’s the work of the magnificent ‘GOD’ which unfortunately from my point of view, it’s a lot of bull#@$.

How about luck? Does luck truly have a say or does it even exist in life? But if you believe in luck, isn’t the same as believing in God? How do you know luck actually exist? Purely by believing or as some religious people would say, you just need to have faith. Regrettably again I have to disagree. If you just hold on to a blind faith, sit on you bum believing that life will be better when it’s time or as long as you have faith — that is just like following a blind mouse going down a shit hole and you think that it will be wonderland soon enough.

May I be so bold to claim that I have been making this conscious decisions all through my life since I am allowed to (about the age of 21). It is not luck, it is not God, it is not about my surroundings but the only difference I noticed about me compared to most people I know is that I follow my heart (*carefully* guided by my head – for both my conscious and unconscious thinking). I have built my whole life philosophy based upon following my heart’s true desire and I need to have courage to do so. While doing this, I have to make sure that I follow the path that I do not commit any wrongdoings that would hurt someone else or myself in the process of getting to where I want to be/go to.

Not many people know this, not even people who think they know me know this but I come from a rather complicated family. A family that I have no pride for nor like to have a conversation about. Since about the age of 14/15, all I can think of is the day I shall leave home. The day that I will carve out my life path. At times, I quite like to just disappeared from everyone that I know. So is this a meticulous plan for leaving and going as far as I can – No.. But it has indeed been guiding my path in life. I am oddly also most myself and feeling most alive when I am far away.

I guess what I am trying to say is – no one including God has anything to do with your life choices. You need to make your own choices. And often both knowingly or unknowingly, one allows other to dictate that decision. If you allow this, you will never be able to engage on your path (the path that your heart desire) and occasionally this path that someone else has dictate crosses path with what your heart desire and here you consider it as luck or miracle. Often it’s gives an immediate but very short-lived joy. Here – I can hear some friends will be arguing that but life is making compromises. I kind of agree to a certain point. But this compromises needs to come from both parties not one-sided. When you give in, it is not compromises – that is just giving in to whomever dictate that decision whether comes from your parents, lover, family, bosses, God, etc.

Life choices are never easy. At times it can also be nasty. But often than not, it can be actually quite easy if you let it follow your heart. Life is short therefore, there’s no time for regrets. You have all the opportunities to make the best of the life you have so it is your choice to make that decision to determine the number of regrets you may have in the future. No God, no friends, no families, no luck can make that decision for you.

Honestly, regrets sucks when you are on your deathbed or when you have that few moment to glimpse of what your life could have been. At that point, not many people have a second chance. If you did, congratulations and seize the day/s.

So think about this simple question of ‘life choices’ ……….. make that life worthwhile. Those moments are precious and finite. Don’t forget that there will always be challenges and obstacles. That’s why we call it life. P/S: Sorry to disappoint but there is no such thing as ‘the perfect moment’. The perfect moment is NOW!

Life choices is about making a conscious decision to follow what your heart desire without filling your head with ‘somewhat’ irrational rationalisations, excuses and justifications. Don’t give in to the fear of living. Fear only locks you in your comfort zone. Break free — I say. Follow your heart, be your true self and seize the moment.

What do you think?

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