Travellogue – Port Villa, Vanuatu

Day 01 – 04,  27th – 30th  Dec 2015, (Sunday – Wednesday)

We arrived at about 5.05pm in Vanuatu. The weather was great.

First impression is that there’s heaps of smiling locals. It’s so different from New Caledonia. I think I am liking this place already.

We got picked up at the airport by Eric, Leslie and Kristin from Tara Beach Bungalows with their black SUV.

Even before arriving at the accommodation they suggested that we should make a stop at the supermarket to get some bottled water which was very considerate of them.

20151227_203258_tn1 20151227_203309_tn1

They then asked if we want to go to the Vanuatu Beach Bar where all their other guests are at for the evening.We decided that it’s not a bad idea.

Not a bad start to our first night in Vanuatu. We had a great meal. Food was decent and reasonably priced. Not cheap but relatively similar to eating out pricing in New Zealand. And we get to experience their circus act. 0verall it has been a good night.



Oh…..not forgetting that the road condition here is really bad. Potholes everywhere!

Next morning, after breakfast we got a ride with Eric again Fijian style to Port Villa at the back of their Suv. It was a bnmpy ride.


Port Villa is basically a tourist town. There’s foreigners everywhere as many the local. We basically just use the day to explore the town.

We saw the local market which was really cool. Many of the veges and fruits are very similar to South East Asia.


We also used the day to decide what we want to do for the next day.

In the end we decided that we wanted to try to utilise the day as much as we can since we only have one full day in Port Villa before Santo.

We signed up with Jonah John’s Round The Island Tour. It cost us VUV$ 7500 each which we did on the Tuesday.

P1760818_tn1 P1760906_tn1 P1770141_tn1

Violet and Eddie picked us up on the day and we went anti-clockwise around the island. It was a good trip with good company. We pretty much finished at around 5pm.

Our flight to Santo was supposed to be at 11.30am. But it was delayed for nearly 2 hours without any explanation from Air Vanuatu. We reached Luganville in Santo late afternoon.

20151230_115901_tn1 20151230_131119_tn1


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