Travellogue – New Caledonia

Day 07-08 (20th, Sunday & 21st, Monday Dec 2015)

Everything are closed on Sunday here.  So, we always need to plan ahead in terms of meals. No big deal. It’s not something that should put you off.

l basically spent the night before and the day reading ‘Rebecca’. Love the book. A great read indeed. Adding a different flair to the holiday. Christopher was swimming and snorkelling most of the day.


There were a few really small kittens here at the camp that are really cute.Children here all love to play with them.

While staying here, we met a really nice family. Derrick, Caroline and their 2 girls. Derrick is Dutch and Caroline, French.They run a camping ground 20km of Bordiue in France called Two Valleys.Derrick gave us heaps of tips on camping ground in New Caledonia.

After 2 nights at Babao,We decided that we are going to make our way up to Poingam. Just before packing and leaving, we met a British family.Della,Leister and their two kids. Had a wee chat about places we have been and giving them tips about New Zealand. Another really nice family and I am amazed that they are backpacking with their young children for 7 months.

Left the camp roughly around 9.30am making our way up east.Hienghene onwards heading up is probably my best drive ever in the whole of New Caledonia. Hienghene is scenic and interesting.


After Hienghene,we aimed to drive towards Relais de Ouane Batch. This campsite is right after 0uaieme. At Ouaieme, we had to take the local ferry to cross of the Riviere Ouaieme.The ferry is so small, taking only 3-4 Vehicles each time I would assumed.And, it runs on a propeller.Totally safe but cute.


Immediately after the ferry, there’s a road side stall selling crepes and cakes. We bought 2 crepes (chocolate & strawberry)-CFP $150 each & 2 cakes(chocolate & marble)-CFP $200 each. It’s really really good. Really tasty, fresh & homemade.


We come by Relais de Ouane Batch just before Pouebo township. But decided to carry on because of the weather.We also had to miss the Tao Waterfall because the walkway was closed due to rain.

Later,we came by a township called Puebo where seem to be their thing. Heaps of road side stall featuring their work for sale. All sort of designs and colours. You have to really shop around for the one you like and within your budget. The best thing is that it’s not made in China as most things are these days.. Lol!! We bought a piece too.


Along the way, we also accidently found the beach where Captain Cook first arrived in New Caledonia. This is just at the very start of Balade near an old catholic church (L’eglise de Saint-Denis).

The beach is called La Plage de Mahamate.  really beautiful ‘seashell’ beach. Christopher spent some time swimming and I collected some seashells. Along Puebo to Balade, you will also noticed many tribal hut in their backyard.


P1750906_tn1 P1750909_tn1 P1750917_tn1

From Balade, we drove over the valley (Diahot River Valley).Another interesting drive, great view. We reached Koumac around 4pm and camped at Gite du Lagon for the night.

P1760029_tn1 P1760030_tn1

We planned to drive up to the tip of the North tomorrow.


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