Travellogue – New Caledonia

Day 2 – (15 Dec 2015 – Tuesday)

We started early today. We arranged for a rental car for the period of 16 Dec-26 Dec. Woke up around 8.30am, had breakfast at the youth hostel and went to the Latin Quarter. I was a bit disappointed with the place. I guess I expected more. Anyhow, here you will find heaps of small boutiques, restaurants and surprisingly lots of IT shop. They refer to it mostly as technology shop.

From here we took the public bus to Anse Vata. Bus ride was CFP $210 per person. Flat rate. Doesn’t matter where you stop.


Anse Vata is where all the swimming beaches are located. And, nearby to all the big hotels.  So you will find heaps of shops and eateries here. The upside about this area is they are open all the time. You are not constrained to their long lunch hour (break time).


Christopher had his first swim here. Really warm sea water. Not crazily gorgeous beach but ok.

Here, I also visited the local aquarium.It’s surprisingly good. l would recommend it to family, as a rainy day activity or if you are like me (you prefer your fish in an aquarium or on the plate).

Our first meal out in New Caledonia was for a burger and it taste heavenly.I would highly recommend it if you are here. The shop is call Rimba Café.

After Anse Vata, we decided to walk back to downtown where our hostel is located. Not too far nor too near either. We thought it will be good to see the place from a local point of view.It took us about 2.5 hours to reach the hostel. Talk about exercise, I think I have complete my quota for the week.

Had a simple meal in the hostel and we were asleep by 9.30pm.


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