Officially a Mrs.

About 2 weeks ago, I married my partner, CF. The weather was so unpredictable on our wedding day. It was windy, sunny-ish and rainy. Of course, at the back of my head I was yearning for more sun since we are getting married outdoor by the beach. Camping-themed wedding. We didn’t get exactly get what we want as usual — as everything in life.

At one point, I was upset. Upset because I felt I have disappointed our guests. I felt horrible having friends and their young children feeling cold and wet. I don’t really know what to say about the day. I have such mix emotion.

It was drizzling that afternoon but it cleared up for a short few hours. And it did clear up right during our ceremony. The sun came out at that exact moment and it was beautiful. I truly don’t remember most part of the day but I remember that exact moment that the sun was shining, I was looking at my future husband, friends around us, reciting our commitment to each other and the beautiful sea behind us. During the ceremony, everything seem to move so quickly and so slow at the same time. Weird! It felt like someone put the whole scene on a slow-motion. But the whole ceremony felt like it only took 5 mins.

I don’t exactly know what I felt. We have been together so long and I wasn’t expecting any extraordinary romance on the day. But I was giggly. Especially when we exchanged our rings. And at that moment I realized how much this person has been a huge part of my life and how much of what we are today is because of each other.

The rest of the ceremony, photos and the reception was lovely in a way. Again, the weather was playing up with us. So I can’t say if our guests enjoyed the day but for us –we wanted it to be a communal thingy. And, the wedding shouldn’t be just about us. The day finished with most people gathering around the fireplace chatting about random stuff. Some got drunk and most of us went back to our tent with cold feet.

I think overall it was memorable. But I guess if I would do it all over again – I probably will choose to just eloped as per- our initial plan.

So there you are –my recap of our wedding day!


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