How to make tough choices?

The funny thing is making so-called “tough choices” or even in making any sort of choices had never been a big issue for me. Why? Because I make my decision with my heart and gut instincts. It has yet to fail me. Most people will said this kind decision-making is an emotional one and will get you in trouble. And possibly irrational. But honestly what is rationality and who defined what’s rational? And I said that’s all bull!  If you don’t make decision with your heart then, it is not your decision in the first place. Even if you do list out all your options and choices with your head, your heart should have the final say.

My personal mantra when my heart is making that decision are “if that choice will make me happy? and if that choice would harm anyone in the process?” It is really as simple as that.

Often choices are not tough, we human make it tough by making it complicated, over-thinking, overestimating its effect on our life and over-analysing.

Or if you are worried about regrets then below are some facts you need to consider to avoid regrets in the choices you made –

  • don’t let other people make that decision for you
  • don’t have reckless unrealistic optimism
  • don’t give in to fear. Know and understand that there is no “right” or “wrong” decision
  • if you try to convince yourself of a decision then it’s usually a bad decision

So how do you make tough choices? My hints:

  • Go with your first gut instinct. Don’t second guess yourself.
  • Are you happy with the decision? Does it give you positive vibes (excitement, happiness)?
  • Limit external information especially opinions of others.
  • Are you hurting anyone in the process of your decision-making?
  • Listen to you heart!

If you give yourself a chance to follow the above hints, I believe that you will be just fine with any decision that you decide to make.


What do you think?

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