Minimalist Living is a Choice

Call it what you like but for me, living less means having more (more time, more organisation, more control, more to live my dream). I have no idea how I get to where I am today in regards to my living choice. Just that I favor “minimalist lifestyle” [meaning:]

  • downsizing (less stress in terms of rent or monthly mortgage payments and all those bills associated to it, more money from not having to pay those humongous bills, no liability)
  • reducing expenses (buying only what you need not what you want or think you may need; more money to reach for your dream)
  • clutter free (easy organisation and tidying = less stress)
  • having only essentials (but “essential” might/can evolve)
  • practising mindfulness (mindful about things we own, the things we buy, and how we spend our time)
  • good for the environment
  • best of all – Freedom (freedom from your things, freedom from the comparison game, freedom to be happy)

Where to start?

  1. How about starting by getting rid of some of your things? (I have a personal rule when getting rid of things. I always tell myself if I have not used or seen a particular item for the last 6 months means I can live without it). So off it goes into the donation box, giveaway or sell it.
    • Pros of donation/giveaway
      •  by passing them along to someone else who can use them means you are helping someone. Karma Point!! 
      • great for your physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. Booya!!
    • Pro for selling your stuff
      • selling your stuff and not buying new “wants” means you get to repurpose the money you are saving. This can be for a holiday you always wanted, help paying your mortgage, more money for experiences, etc.

And, remember that there’s no one way in living a minimalist lifestyle. Everyones’ different because we all have different values, different beliefs, different passions, and different pursuits. As a result, every minimalism is always going to look different. The intention of minimalist lifestyle is to refocus and prioritise things we value most and remove anything that distracts us from living the life we idealised. Giving us more freedom to be mindful of us and our surrounding.

“Clutter-ness drives me insane!!”

P/S: Life is not just about paying bills and owning “big” things!!

I have been on this path for some time now and it is always evolving as you get to know yourself more.  The more you allow yourself to let go, the more you will learn to love yourself and enjoys what’s truly important in life.

Interested in what I am up to? Come back and read more on my choice of minimalist living in my coming posts. And, let me know what you think.


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  1. Zeke Coulter says:

    so true. Great article !

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