Fluctuating Life – Normal or abnormal?

It has been awhile since I have updated this blog. Some friends were wondering if I am still alive? LOL! Unfortunately for you, I am very much alive but life has been fluctuating. Just before starting this post, I was just thinking to myself. What should I write about after some months of abandoning this blog? Not intentionally, of course. The first thing that came to mind was how my life has been fluctuating so much especially this year. So I decided to stick to what I know best, blog honestly and be real. Therefore the subject of this post is my fluctuating life.

Change of usual (**work life**) routine, a lack of certainty in some aspect of my life – this was translated into random eating, under eating, or overeating/ mood swing / fluctuating self-esteem, some days – highly motivated and some days, I don’t even have the energy to lift my finger, so on and so forth. I am sure you probably get what I mean.

Has it been a bad year? No. Not at all. Things had probably not gone the way I would like it to be but it’s not bad at all. Has it been good? Honestly, I can’t say. If I have to choose a word to describe how’s my year been so far – I am most likely to say I am indifferent. Would love to have more excitement, adventure, travel or surprises but none so whatever so far. Well, there’s still 42 days to 2015 – so finger-crossed.

On the upside – I have been sticking to my mental goal that I would keep learning something new which I did. I have actively learnt to garden and had started a few veggies beds. Mostly I learnt through my loyal “Google” and “YouTube”. It’s not easy – I must admit. I have made mistakes along the way and made some good ones too. We are already harvesting on our lettuces and rockets. It has been growing abundance and I do realised that we have more veggies intake in the last couple of months. So is gardening a sign of ageing? I seriously would never thought I will or I would/could garden and growing something alive 5 years ago. LOL! But I did!

While, indoor – I have been experimenting in the kitchen but not as much as I would like. Am not as motivated currently. I have save lots of recipes to try out on my pinterest. I wondered when would I even finish all those on the list?

Anyhow, what’s your techniques to overcome fluctuating life?

I think for me, there are never a set of guidelines or a must do to overcome this. I always strongly believe that everyone’s coping mechanism is different.  You got to just trial and error to find what helps. I have quite an active wandering mind. And honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. People often tells you that a wandering mind is not good because you don’t get things done. Which I beg to differ. I only don’t get things done when I have no interest/passion in it. With a wandering mind, I often get a few things done within a timeframe. So who’s to say that I am less effective? Opppss…did you realised just then my wandering mind has taken over for a few seconds? Was off topic.

In any case, back to overcoming or dealing with fluctuating life – my ways are:

  • Enjoy and Savor The Moment – Find ways to celebrate any form of success even if you think it’s insignificance. Trust me after a week, you will not think it’s insignificant anymore.
  • Appreciate For What You Have – Not easy. I know. Especially when life is always up and down, throwing you a curveball in the midst of all those busyness – it can be exceptionally hard to be practising appreciation. Hard but far from impossible. Start somewhere. Anytime of the day. Just stop for a few seconds and reflect on your life that day. Identify appreciative moment like your partner make you a coffee or the sun is out. It could also be about appreciating yourself for you have learnt a new skill. There are lots of ways if you just embrace it with an open mind. It can also be in terms of action, stop for 5 minutes and go give someone a hug. That’s appreciating too. Today, my appreciation is that I appreciate all those curve balls in my life, without them – I am not who I am today. Cheesy!! I know but that’s the truth. Not having those experiences even if it’s not the highlights of my life, it made the person I am today.
  • Extending Kindness and Love –   I think that pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Look for the Good – This one can be real tough when you are feeling lost in those problems. You just want to hate everything that comes through your life. What helps me is I just let myself go in such time – I cry, I hate, I scream if I need to, I verbalised all those unhappiness in my heart and completely let myself go. When I am ready, I get up and tell myself – you had all your tantrums, now no self-pitying and look for the good and opportunities.
  • Be Confident – This is absolutely crucial after the above. You need to know that you have done it before and you will do it again. Remain confident in your strengths and abilities, while seeking ways to expand your capacity.

Well, that pretty much sum up my current mindset. Leave me a comment if you have something to share or add-on. Hugs!


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