Counting my blessings on my birth month!

This is a special month for me as I turned 33 just a couple of days ago. Due to the amount of workload I have recently, I am struggling to find time to appreciate what I have nor the time to blog anymore. Excuses, excuses and more excuses for not appreciating. Welcome to adult life, some says but it doesn’t necessary has to be like that. Like everyone else, I too get suck into mundane work life where I forget what’s truly important in life. Life has gotten hectic again and it has gotten to a point where all my energy are all absorbed by uninteresting routines.   However, now and then something happened and that snapped me out from that monotonous space into this space of “now”,”alive” and “living”.  With that in mind, I wanted to utilise this current mindset in counting my blessings, reflecting the past & present and acknowledging those that I might not have the opportunity to say so in person.

#Blessing 01 – I am surrounded by “Good Friends”

I have good friends who truly cares about me but I often forgets that they are there. This make me sound like a horrible friend but I know I am not. I kept complaining recently to my partner that I don’t have any close/best friend that I can pour my heart or just being silly with.  At times, I truly felt that way but I also know that I have been hurt from having a really close/best friend/sister in some sense that I no longer open my heart to people in becoming closer to me. I am afraid. Afraid of being betrayed and hurt again. I kept a distance, never to get too close. But for some odd reasons I had an epiphany today. I think I am ready to try again. I guess we’ll have to see where this will takes me this time.

#Blessing 02 – I am “FREE”

The above statement just meant that despite having to try to be normal like everyone else (going to the office, having dinner with someone, social obligation – ** none of this is obvious or remotely normal), I am free whenever I choose to be because I can and allows myself to. I am not defined by the norm nor anyone around me. Amidst the ordinary press of commitments and obligations, I have the capacity to break away from the norm and take off whenever I want because I allows myself to explore the less conventional ways. It can be unsettling for some but indeed it’s exhilarating when you let yourself go such as making a drastic decision, move to another country or reinvent ourselves. When in this mode, I felt truly alive, aware of the reality, its freedom and its possibilities.

So to whoever that is reading this, I want to share this blessing with you “Don’t shut yourself from possibilities. You set the boundary and things don’t have to be a certain way. Don’t close yourself to other options. We don’t have to do what we are currently doing, we have choice/s even if it’s limited, we are free and no one can make you do what you don’t want to do”.

#Blessing 03 – I have good strong support system despite all the other ruckus in life

In spite of all the negative and bad experiences that I have had, ultimately I am still able to be here today and still have a strong personality is the work of those strong supportive system. For that, I am grateful and I am really fortunate for having them in my life. Thus, that had become my personal mantra in work that if I can nurture even if it’s just one supportive person in a young person’s life – he or she will turn out alright.

#Blessing 04 – I choose “Happiness”

I think again and again I have stressed in this blog of my choice of happiness. “Happiness is a choice”. It’s your choice in life. And, that is something no one can take from you. How you live your life and what you choose to do.

To quote Greek philosopher Epicurus, he stressed the mistakes how most think about happiness. Happiness is not – romantic love, having lots of money nor luxury. If your focus is in finding your Prince in shining amour that would come and swept you off your feet – you are doomed in that context because you will never find such person! If you are obsessed with your career motivated with the desire of making heaps of money, prestige, status and luxury – you are doomed! This is your sure way to drive happiness away.

Life is not a race with others. Happiness to me is being able to be reflective of your choice, understanding of oneself, calmness, passion and love.

To sum up – quoting Marcus Aurelius, ‘Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking’.

Have a great a day, people!


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