Why Goal Setting Can Fail You!

The Cooking Challenge! Do you still remember that? I set a cooking challenge goal to achieve in 52 weeks.

Right? Where am I now? Slacking. I know. I set a goal and had not followed through. One of my real reasons was that I was away for nearly 2 months. So obviously it did not allows me nor gave me the opportunity to cook. Right, that does sound like an excuse.

Anyhow, so what happened? I have set SMART goal meaning it is supposed to be smart enough to work. LOL. Here are some of the contributing factors why I failed:

1. I underestimated my schedule for the year 2014. So attempting 2 new recipes every week are not impossible but I am just pushing it. I did not account for delays or setbacks thus I felt pressured to accomplishing it and in the end felt obliged instead of motivated to do it.

2. Like I said in no.1, it is not impossible but I was lack of commitment. I procrastinate quite a bit because of all the other stuffs that I needed to sort through first.

Despite unable to accomplish 2 new recipes a week, I have been cooking and making new dishes since I got home. I will be posting up all the recipes I have tried so far in the next couple of days.

Last but not least, in order to continue with my cooking challenge goal – I am going to tweak it a bit to make it more achievable. I am still going to attempt at cooking/baking 104 new recipes but instead of achieving in 52 weeks; it will be 104 new recipes by 25 March 2015.



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