Where I’ve Stayed: Orange Pekoe Guesthouse, Kuala Lumpur

This review is of our opinion based on our 3 nights stay experience at Orange Pekoe Guesthouse and in no way represent the opinion of others. We have no personal or business relationship with this establishment nor are we receiving any form of incentive from them.

Orange Pekoe_s

Date stayed: 02 Jan 2014 – 05 Jan 2014

Type of Room: Standard Double Room with private bathroom outside the room

Paid: RM$115.67 a night/a room


1-1, Jalan Angsoka 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: +603 2110 2000, Fax: +603 2143 2141

Email: info@orangepekoe.com.my


1. Amazing location. Right in the heart of city.

2. Basic breakfast included. (Toast, Cereals, Coffee and Tea)

3. All basic public transportation are nearby.

4. You are surrounded by malls, malls and more malls.

5. Very Clean and cosy place.

6. Staff was helpful.

7. Great security. This would be a really safe place to stay for single female traveler.

8. Good stable WIFI.


1. This is not exactly a con but I wished they had provided a common fridge for guest use since they have a proper kitchen area for guest use.

2. The reception said that they would call us a taxi for our ride to the airport early on the 5th. We reconfirmed with the reception if they did. The reception assured me that the taxi will be there the next day but the taxi never came so we had to wait on the street for a taxi.  We were lucky to get one but had to share with another couple from the same guesthouse because their’s did not come too. Not sure what happened exactly. Due to this reason, I had to reduce my ranking for their service as below:


Value: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

Location: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

Sleep Quality: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

Cleanliness: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

Service: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

If we were in Kuala Lumpur again, I will surely consider in staying here for its location.


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  1. smkelly8 says:

    I remember that probably 15 years ago one would be hard pressed to find a guesthouse in K.L. that wasn’t a fire trap. Times have changed! Good news for budget travelers.

    1. That’s true. There’s lots of choices now in KL catering to all sort of crowd and budget.

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