Reflection: The Second Half of 2013


From the above post you can read my reflection on my first half of the year and I am now attempting to do the second half.  Below is a copy of what I had wanted to achieve in this half. Let’s see how far I got to!


1. Gaining a full membership with ANZASW – Not Achieved! I am putting this on hold because of my decision to leave my previous work place. But I am sure I can get this done fairly quickly when the timing is better.  

2. Moving back to Dunedin ACHIEVED! I did move back to Dunedin. I am currently officially living here. 

3. Take a vacation with C.F – Going to be achieved in just under a week time. 

4. Going home to Borneo Island to see mum and dadGoing to be achieved too. Will be home in January.

5. Read at least 1 book each month – This is 1/2 achieved. LOL! I know – I am slacking! Will catch up!

6. SAVE (I have a personal target to reach) – FAIL! Big Time! I blame my tooth and being unemployed. 

7. Learn at least 1 new thing/skill I am doing my cooking challenge currently which you can follow via this blog. I am learning new recipes constantly every other day, I say. So, I should say this is achieved! Plus, I am actively learning Yoga. That is a new skill in my book. 

8. Maintaining a blog post fortnightly I have been getting really active at posting but still not religious enough. But I should say 1/2 achieved. 

9. Explore new opportunity – This is a tough one to review and reflect on. I am still actively exploring. I guess the more I explore, the more confused I get. I wondered if that’s a good thing. One thing for sure, this exploration has helped me to land in an editorial position for next upcoming year. So that would be exciting to look forward to. But I am keeping my eyes, ears and heart wide open for any great opportunity. So this is ONGOING!

10. BE HAPPY! – I really think this is an easy one because when you choose to be happy; Happiness comes to you easily and readily.  I felt like I have just cheated in my ‘Action List’ for this half. But I still think it’s crucial to have it down as part of something I consciously choose to do. For example, in this blog post that I wrote about ‘THE SECRET TO HOW TO BE HAPPY!‘ – I wrote about how being happy is a principle I choose to live by. I have been happy and I felt great despite some ups and downs. But this is life. In general, I am happy. I guess I achieved this. 


4 Achieved

2 Going to be Achieved

2 Half Achieved

2 Not Achieved

I think I did alright for this half of 2013. What do you reckon?


What do you think?

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