An Introvert’s Social Event’s Survival Guide

Being an introvert I have to learn to cope with social situations. Either the social situations were of by choice or not.  But often to be part of the community we need to attend such events to advance our career, our social life, our networks and etc. Thus this post is about some ways that I have developed to help me better in maneuvering myself in social situation. I hope this post would be of some help to some but please do not hesitate to comment your thoughts and ideas below.

In no particular order,

1. Read this week’s news.

Latest news event are often the topic of the day. It’s a great conversation starter.

2. Bring a partner or a friend.

I think I work well with my partner. Even though we are both introvert but I think we often are able to switch role to give each other a breather.

3. Bring an extrovert.

Yup – let them lead the way.

4. Pretending you are the host.

Of course this totally depend on the event you are at. If you are at a friend’s place.  Offer to help. Great ice breaker when you are the one serving the food and drink.

5. Take a deep breath and do a few bunny hop to relax your body. And, walk into the event with strong posture.

I know this sound funny. But it does work for me.

6. Make someone else talk.

LOL! People often enjoy talking about themselves. Give them a few questions and let them do all the talking. Sound superficial, I know! But it is effective.

7.  Take a break.

Somewhere and anywhere. Give yourself a breather.

8. Visualize the quiet time you will be having after all these are done.

This gives you a positive feeling to something to look forward to.

9. Scan the crowd.

You will often find someone who is alone or standing in the corner. Chances are they want to be alone or they are looking for someone to talk to as well. Another is to look for an open smaller group dynamic and see if you can blend in to the conversation.

10. Be Yourself!

Often – this helps!


What do you think?

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