An Introvert’s Travel Survival Guide

You will know if you are an introvert when interacting with people constantly feels more like a chore than fun. It overwhelms and tires you out and you will feel that you need to take a good amount of time to yourself to recharge in solitude. Often the misconception is that introverted people don’t like meeting new people or they are anti-social. That is far from the truth.

While I may be an introvert; I actually enjoy interaction with friends, both new or old alike. I am always fascinated in meeting new people and hearing their stories. The only difference here is I spend time in actually getting to know the people I am talking to. What tires me out are mindless small talks. That drains me out rather quickly. Yes, I am small talk-phobic.

I also consider myself quite outgoing and enjoy trying new things. Again, the typical stereotype was an introverted person don’t have fun which is not true at all. We just don’t have fun the same way extroverts do. Our fun tends to be low-key and doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of people—or any other people at all.


So how do you travel and still make time for yourself while meeting new people? With all that in mind, not tire yourself out in the process:

1. Take time out for yourself as you feel and see fit.

You are traveling. It’s not a race to meet as many people or see as much as you can. Listen to yourself and when it says ‘I have enough’. Then, consciously seek the time for yourself.

2. Group Travel vs Traveling Alone?

Personally, I prefer traveling alone or only with my partner.  If I need to sign up for a group travel, introvert does better in smaller groups than a large group. Seek out tour that only cater to small group size if you intend to do one.

3. Travel to places that aren’t centered around partying.

I think the statement alone explain it.

4. Don’t try to attempt all your TO DO/TO SEE list in a day.

Spread them out. Priorities them. Take time to yourself in between. Part of traveling is also taking time for yourself to recharge. Read a book. Write your journal. Do anything that makes you happy.

5. Social setting: Only stay as long as you feel comfortable.

Don’t be obligated to stay throughout the whole night or conversation. Only stay as long as you want. When you have enough just be honest and excuse yourself. No one is going to hate you for it.

6. Learn to say ‘NO’.

It’s ok to say ‘no’ to an invitation. You don’t have to say ‘yes’ to everything. So, don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed to say “no” if you’re not feeling it.

7. Don’t try to fit in. Be Yourself.

Pretty self-explanatory.

8. When you are spacing out …..

Listen to yourself and what your body is telling you. When you are spacing out during a conversation, it just mean that conversation is not going to go anyway. Excuse yourself in such situation than forcing yourself through the painful draining experience.

9. When you say ‘no’ too often.

Yup – when you hear yourself say ‘no’ too often on an invites. That is not good either. At times, it’s good to take a risk and go with it. You might just have a time of your life.

10. Don’t think too much and just have fun!

Hei, you are on holiday! So just embrace it and have fun!


What do you think?

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