Cooking Challenge Recipe #01/104

After posting the initial blog post about my attempt to cook in the next 52 weeks, I had some rest. Upon recovering from the rest, I panic. Yup, I did. I was like ‘what the heck’ was I think. I was flooded with excuses after excuses. Can I do this? What if I can’t find time? What if I lost interest? What happen when I am away during Jan/Feb? What if…what if…and more what if….Gosh! Thinking back now sitting here blogging this I felt like I don’t even know who that person was with all the ‘what if’. Surely it doesn’t sound like me. But it was. The quickly discouraged me.

Nonetheless, I have recovered from my negativity and I am on to it. I know I can do this. It’s just 2 recipes a week for the next 52 weeks. How hard can that be? 😛


My home cooked Korean Dinner

Last night I cooked:


1. Kimchi stew with beef, traditional kimchi-jjigae recipe according to the website 돼지고기 김치찌개


2. Braised potatoes gamja jorim 감자조림

3. Braised tofu, dubu jorim 두부조림

4. Mung bean sprouts side dish, sukju namul 숙주나물

You can check out the ingredients and cooking instruction by clicking the links above. The only extra that I added was the carrot to give it a bit more colour.

The Ingredients Used

Mistakes I have made while cooking this meal:

  1. Never cook when I am hungry! As I go overboard with the ingredients.
  2. Don’t go nuts with the soya sauce. I followed the instruction per the website but tried it and it tasted a bit bland. So I added more to it. But after the shimmer, my braised tofu/bean curd was really salty. But it’s really my fault.
  3. Be gentler with the tofu while flipping it. Or I need to use a firmer tofu.
  4. Need to find Kimchi juice to add to the main. It wasn’t as sour as I would like it to.

Lesson learnt! 😛

The Cooking Process
The Cooking Process

Hmmmm! Wondered what cuisine should I experiment on next?

Second Recipe for Week #1 would be Italian. Don’t forget to check out my next endeavour.


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