Cooking Challenge for 52 weeks

Right! I have been thinking of this for quite some time now. But I never got around to do it. I am attempting to challenge myself to do/try new things so I thought I will learn to cook 2 new dish every week for 52 weeks. (Pssst! Initially my idea was 1 new dish every day for 365 days – then I knew I would have just set myself to fail!)

Anyway, growing up I was never much for a fan of the kitchen. it has always been my “mum” thing. She is a real good cook and I guess my thinking was,”why bother”. But since moving to New Zealand I have grown fond of cooking. Oddly enough, it’s becoming my de-stressing method after a long day. Read about my de-stressing post.

So I will be documenting my cooking challenge via this blog. I am going to make different online recipe of different cuisine that I find interesting. So no specific chef or a set cookbook.

P/S: I have never been to cooking school nor worked in a kitchen. So I can’t say I have the right skill. But the love of cooking just grown on me over time. (Ok – perhaps this inspiration has come to me because of the movie “Julie & Julia“) + it helps with the budgeting and eating healthy.

Why challenge myself?

Hmmmm! Tough one to answer. Perhaps my first initial response would be:

it’s fun (this is a real answer). Why even bother to challenge yourself at something that you are not even passionate about or could have a bit of fun with?

progress/improvement. I have always thought that I am not good at anything in particular. I guess I am just procrastinating. So time to take action and let me advance from beginner to an expert! Yay!

outcome. I am curious to see what all this will turn out to be. Who knows? I might become a celebrity chef (not! :P). But with all that said I believe it’s the journey that count.

So let the challenge begin. First cuisine: KOREAN!

I am making …..


1. Kimchi stew with beef, traditional kimchi-jjigae recipe according to the website 돼지고기 김치찌개


2. Braised potatoes gamja jorim 감자조림

3. Braised tofu, dubu jorim 두부조림

4. Mung bean sprouts side dish, sukju namul 숙주나물

See my result in the next post. 🙂


What do you think?

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