When you are stuck in the airport

Ever got stuck in the airport. I have and I hated it but what choice do I have but making the most of it. What would you usually do when you are stuck at the airport? My usual are as below:

1. People Watching – it’s really interesting to be able to observe travellers from all walk of life.

2. Catch up with your writings  – Blog, blog and blog, people! Ya, I apparently got idea to blog about this while being stuck in the airport recently. Hah!

3. Take Photos of everything. LOL! – Really! It’s a good chance to do some experimental shot that you always wanted to try. Be creative!

4. Window Shopping – Not my favourite. But it kills some time.

5. Explore every corner of the airport – You never know what you will find. p/s: get a map of the airport you are stuck in.

6. Reading – Catch up with your favourite reading. If not, buy a book and start reading. You have all the time so why not take yourself on a reading adventure.

7. Watch a movie 

8. Getting photographs uploaded, resized, backup or enhanced with photo editors.

9. Airport free services – Depending on how long you are stuck at the airport for, sometimes major airport have free layover tour to the central that you can make use of.

10. Eat – Yup, grab yourself something to eat.


I have just recently learnt that ‘The First Class Lounge’ is an awesome place to be when you are stucked. They are often packed with luxurious services, communication goodies, food and beverages.

Many now offer one-day passes to their business lounges. Different airlines have different clubs and policies, but many provide access for a nominal fee. How cool is that!

Oh, well…if all of the above doesn’t help you, check the infographic below for more ideas:

Read about 10 Best Airports to Get Stuck In



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