Manduka PROlite 5mm Yoga Mat Review

Manduka PROlite 5mm
Manduka PROlite 5mm

I recently bought the Manduka PROlite 5mm from the Eco Yoga Store. And, I would like to share my experience and the review on the product purchased.

Let me break down this review to two parts. One will be on my experience purchasing from the Eco Yoga Store and followed by a review about my new yoga mat.

Well, my buying a yoga mat starts with of course, with me going to my weekly yoga class. In the beginning I was using the yoga mat that my yoga teacher provides at her school. Soon I realised how unhygienic would it be sharing someone’s sweat. Sharing a community mat just doesn’t sound appealing to me and I wasn’t sure how often does the school disinfect the mat.  However, I still appreciate the conveniences of not having to buy one just to start learning yoga. But if you plan to do it in the long run, I think it’s a good idea to buy a good one for your own use. I think having your personal yoga mat is a very personal affair.

Right, so the story goes with me googling for a good yoga mat. I wanted to buy a yoga mat that is environmental friendly and of a good quality. After furiously googling my way around for it. 4 distinctive names came popping up. One was the Manduka, Gaiam, LuLu Lemon and Jade.

I went with Manduka because I read that the yoga mat was specially designed by a yoga master and was highly recommended by many. Plus, I can buy Manduka from Eco Yoga Store which is based in Napier, New Zealand. I was thinking of saving on postage.

The experience with Eco Yoga Store

Well, the purchasing experience I had with Eco Yoga Store was considered excellent despite a few hiccups.

21 October 2013

  • Emailed Eco Yoga Store regarding the purchase
  • Helen Thomas (Sales Manager Australia-New Zealand) replied promptly.
  • I requested for the Manduka PROlite 5mm (color: Brilliant)  + Manduka Practice Tote Black

22 october 2013

  • Helen replied with the confirmation of price and asking for my confirmation of the purchased
  • I replied accepting the price confirmation and invoice. I made the payment and Helen replied saying the item would be shipped out tomorrow
  • All these were done promptly via emails throughout the day.

23 October 2013

  • I received a generic email from Colvin Steel (Dispatch Manager) telling me the “Good News” that item had been despatched. Email as below:

 Good News!

Hey isn’t it great we’ve dispatched your yoga gear! You can track its progress as it makes its way to you. North Island deliveries take approximately 1 working day and South Island 2-3 working days.

PLEASE CLICK HERE and you will be taken to the Fastway Couriers website. There you can enter your tracking number to see where your package is currently located.

Your tracking number is: ############

In your package you should receive the item/s listed below. They should reach you in excellent condition. So please if there are any issues with your delivery or products let us know as soon as possible so we can investigate for you.

We trust you will enjoy using our products.

29 October 2013

Due to Monday 28 October was a labour day,  the items arrived according to the Fastway tracking website on the 29th. This was where the hiccups starts.

See the below tracking status that I copied from their website.

Fastway Courier

First of all, I was home on this exact day looking forward to receiving my yoga mat. I was waiting and I checked the tracking website again at around 4.30pm when I saw that it has been delivered. It took me awhile to figured out that F door mean front door. I thought it was unit F. Anyway, I rushed to the front door and to my disappointment. There was nothing here. So, I went around the compound to hunt for it. Nothing!

I emailed the despatch manager at Eco Yoga Store but received no reply. So I emailed Helen. She replied promptly on the 30th November. I was asked to check with the neighbours. Anyhow, I was informed that she will talk to Fastway and figure things out.

I waited and I had a phone call from a woman at Fastway, all she did was asked me if I can checked again around the compound. Told her I did and I didn’t hear back from her.

I emailed Helen again on the 1st November and I hear back from her on the 4th November which she said she will be replacing the missing mat. On the 7th November, again I find the delivery a bit dodgy. I was left a calling card in my mail box saying that I was not around and asked me to get in touch. The fact is I was at home on Thursday (whole day). So, I was surprised that the delivery man never came to the door. I never had any delivery problem with other courier companies.

I called the next morning, 8th November and arranged to go pick up my items from the Fastway depot. When I arrived with my calling card, the woman took awhile to search for them. Apparently the delivery slip has gone missing and there’s no name nor address on the package except for the number. She matched the number and asked if it is what I am expecting. I said yes and signed it off. I was surprised at how inefficient and unreliable Fastway courier’s service was.
Nonetheless, I had a good service and prompt reply to all my emails from Helen at Eco Yoga Store but I am not at all happy with Fastway. 

Receiving my Yoga Mat at last! The Yoga mat review!

I bought the Manduka PROlite 5mm, and according to Eco Yoga Store website:

The PROlite yoga mat is a fresh alternative for people who like travel yoga mats with superior quality and comfort. The PROlite is a lighter, zero-waste, non slip yoga mat for in the studio and on the go.
Size: 1800 x 610 x 5mm
Weight: 1.8kg

I was really excited with my new yoga mat and can’t wait to give it a try.  I have followed their instruction to break in the mat by sprinkling coarse sea salt over the mat and scrub down with a dampen cloth. The mat felt luxurious and the bag looks really nice.

My first use of the yoga mat:


  • it’s stable and doesn’t feel squishy
  • the weight is just nice for transporting
  • it stick well to the floor


  •  it was supposed to grip even when wet but so far my experience with the mat was my hand/feet slip easily when wet. Recently, going into summer my hands and feets sweat quite a bit when I do yoga. So my feet and hands slip at most poses and I have to constantly search for dry spot on the mat. It’s getting annoying. I am hoping it will break down more sooner.

What do you think?

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