Why I started doing YOGA?


Where and how should I start writing about this topic. This is a hard one. Let’s see, to be totally honest, I have always been captivated by all those Yogis pose. It look so perfect, in line with the nature. It felt so natural despite all those crazy stretches (from the observer point of view).  I have done yoga before but never really stuck with it. I partially blame my yoga teacher plus I think I wasn’t committed. I wasn’t the right frame of mind. There were too much in my head.

So what got me started again? LOL! Again – I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. But differently this time. Have you ever felt tired with yourself or fed up with a situation or feeling stuck and the world seem like an extremely noisy place? I am feeling a lot of that lately.  Somehow, yoga felt like the right thing to do. Me, being me – I always followed my intuition (gut feeling). I let a lot of my intuition decide what’s right and when’s right to do a certain thing. So, this is it – I am starting my new adventure learning yoga from the basic. I have been going to about 5 classes now and I am loving every minute of it. I have a really good teacher. My only complain is I am only doing the class once a week. I felt that my body wanted more. It’s kind of addictive to be honest. And, I felt awesome each time I finished my yoga class.

To feed my enthusiasm, I have googled for some cool online classes which I will start doing at home in my space. I can’t wait. Now, why YOGA, you asked?

YOGA is great because –

  • it’s a great workout for any body type. You can adapt the practices to your own speed and level of comfort.
  • it helps you to be in touch with your body.  You will learn to understand your body more, it’s movement, and its flow.
  • it improves your sleep. Hell yay! – I sleep like a baby every time after my yoga class.
  • it will improve your posture. Ever notice that you are slouching more and more especially if you sit around a lot? Great way to learn to sculpt your back in the right way. Feeling tall and better with it. It builds confidence too.
  • it can help you practice the right breathing technique.
  • it can develop your physical strength.
  • it can help increase mental strength. It gives you an opportunity to reconnect with yourself in this loud and noisy world.
  • it incorporate meditation and meditation allows you to learn to be aware of your internal and external living. It also  allows you to take the time to embrace calmness and serenity. Meditation improves your mental well-being by allowing your mind some time to process everything that goes on in your life.
  • it allows you to discover and re-discover yourself!
  • it enable you to be relaxed and let things happen naturally without forcing it. it’s not about perfection.
  • it’s an exercise that you can do anywhere and anytime.

Are you convinced yet? Yes ??? – Good on ya! If not, it’s alright – do what feels right for you. That’s my mantra.

My goal to be achieved before the end of 2014!



What do you think?

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