The Introverted Traveller

I am an introvert and I don’t think it is a secret anymore. Or is it? Yes, I am an introvert. And, I think I travel differently from an extrovert.

What does it mean to be an introvert?

There is a lot of misconception around introvert. Some says introvert are shy and socially awkward people or anti social. That is far from the truth. I am socially adaptable, I like being around people, enjoy going to a party now and then; I do crave for healthy good social interaction (a real small intimate group) and I considered myself quite outgoing. The difference lies in the way how we gained our energy. Extroverts are outwardly motivated and gain energy from interaction with the outside world while introverts are more inwardly directed (we need solitude) and are drained by interaction with others.

However when travelling, I am always happy enough when interesting people stumble upon my path and I am capable of connecting with people when the opportunity arises. I enjoys a real genuine and good deep conversation rather than a shallow superficial talk (small talk). And, of course when the chemistry is right, it’s even better. Unfortunately these don’t come by often. However when interacting with people overwhelms and tires me out then I require a decent amount of time to myself to recharge.

So what is the difference between an extroverted traveller vs an introverted traveller?

I guess as an introvert, I don’t travel for the sake of travelling. Of course, I travel for the beauty and attractions of a place but I am often reflect on “what/how does a certain culture mean to me?”, “Why a certain culture behave the way they did?”,”What influences such advancement or …”. Well, I guess you get the idea. I don’t seek out where’s the most happening party in town and needed to booze every night. When travelling, I could just as easier enjoy myself by sitting at a cafe or a bar with my partner having a glass of beer and just people watching. Most times, conversational was optional.

Am I scared to talk to locals? No. I actually enjoy talking to locals. And I may seem overly talkative during this time as I tend to ask heaps of questions. I also absolutely love my quiet time in the museum exploring the place and getting lost in history.

It sadden me that the world see extroversion healthier than introversion. Because of this, introverts are often trying hard to fit in (against our natural tendencies) hoping to be seen as more “normal”. I wish there are more introverts that would acknowledge these and be OK with it. I am. I am proud to be an introvert and am very comfortable with it.




What do you think?

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