Rediscovering Myself

Rediscovering yourself can be a scary process. It can be overwhelming. I know I am. Everytime I learnt something new about myself, I felt that I have to leave my comfort zone to re-adjust everything I might have known. I was emotional drained and physically exhausted. At times, I felt that it was just easier to give up. I do at times. I mean just giving up. But that was often my emotion talking. I would bawl myself out, exhausted and felt like it’s the end of the world. Yes, I can be quite melodramatic despite many that thought I am always well-composed. I would go to bed, tired and lose all hopes.However, after a night sleep, I am often recharged. I would more often than not felt appalled by my weakness the night before. One thing I have learnt overtime was it’s good to just sleep on the problem because the next morning you would feel totally different about it. I have often woken with new perspective on problem that seem too big to handle the day before. But again, I often forget about this strategy when the emotion was overwhelming. I often find myself in the same place feeling like I can’t do anything but waking up feeling that I can take down the world. Weird, isn’t it? My little way of rediscovering myself.

One thing I knew for sure is with each problem, I grew in the process!


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