Pre-Birthday Dinner

Dinner at Carey's Bay Historic Hotel

I had trouble writing this post. I guess I had mix feeling about my birthday this year.

Firstly, I truly enjoyed my lovely seafood dinner at Carey’s Bay Historic Hotel’s Restaurant with C.F. The food was great, the service was fantastic, love the environment and of course, the company that I was with. Ya, he is the teddy in the picture. I put the teddy there in respect of his privacy online. Isn’t the teddy, cute? The person behind it — is cute too. LOL!

I supposed I think I had mix feelings how to start this blog was because I don’t really know how I felt. I enjoyed the dinner, of course but the birthday itself doesn’t seem to mean much anymore. It felt just like any other day. I guess I am really getting older. Or maybe because I had to work on my birthday which kind of suck! The location isn’t helping too. Sigh! In a way, I am holding on to this dinner and savour on the memory of it. Sound kind of sad, isn’t it? I guess in some way, it is but I am ok with it. This is life and life seem to always be about commitment. And, my current commitment is work.

There had been a lot of changes in my life in this short couple of years. Mostly good! And, of course I can’t say there aren’t any bad part of it but often it had turn out pretty well for me. In a way, I have always been fortunate in many aspects so I don’t think it is right for me to be complaining of those bad times. I believe the bad times teaches us to appreciate more of the good and to look at things in a different light. I am who I am today for all the good and bad experiences I had been through. So I wish to use this special day to ponder upon the life I had experience so far and a shout out to all those special people I had in my life. I wish to use this special day not to celebrate me but to celebrate all those people whom had given me their unconditional love, friendship and respect. Without you, all – who am I?

The one lesson in life that I would love to share with all is – “There’s nothing more important than a life of happiness – so what are you waiting for? Start living your Life!!”


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