What’s in my tech bag?

Notes: I am currently using Evernote to compile notes, reminders and all sort of random stuffs. It’s really like my online shelf. I keep travel hints, ideas, reservations, random thoughts, photos, and really…all sort of things on my evernote and am loving it.

Reading: My Nook, of coz! Hands down to its long life battery. Read about my reason for getting an e-reader.

Blogging: I blog using WordPress as you can see from this blog of mine. I have yet to find a nice Android based Apps for blogging to my wordpress account though. So, if you know any good one – pass your tips along,ya!

Photos: I owned a Lumix GX-1 and Lumix LX-3. I often takes photos with my Samsung Galaxy II and Samsung Tablet as well. My absolutely love is still my Lumix LX-3.

Emails: Am currently pretty loyal to GMAIL but I do use ZOHO mail too.

Memory: Portable External Drive for backup on the go, Dropbox – free online storage, heaps of SD cards and Micro SD.

Laptop: I am currently using the wee Asus Netbook. No complaint yet. So far so good. Light, portable and I am not worrying about breaking it.

Am I forgetting anything else? I hope not.

But one thing for sure that I absolutely hate about technology is the CHARGERS!! Arghh! Everytime I travel, I felt like I have heaps and heaps of chargers that are taking lots of space in my bag. I am trying to figure out a good way of storing it.


What do you think?

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