Daily Prompt: Helping Hand

Daily Prompt: Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.

When I saw this prompt, I can only think of one special fella. It was an old post that I have posted awhile back but I think I did not put in any background story to it. You can read the old post here: It Melt My Heart Away

Well, I guess we all had our days of ups and downs at work. And, mine was pretty down on that particular day. I felt lost and there was just no way I would know how to pick myself up on that day. Bad became worse and worse became the worst.

At the oddest time without knowing, a small boy of 8 years old said to me,” Wait here!”. I was like, “oh, ok!”. He came out from the back building and he directed me and said,” Give me your hand!”. I was like,”ok..here”. He put a tiny muffin in my hand. I wasn’t expecting it, of course and it just brighten up my day. **plus you need to understand that this boy came from a special circumstances. And, having him baking that muffin and giving it to me. I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD. And, you know what, unknowingly to him. He had helped me that day. He picked me up at my lowest point and reminded me what was my strengths and why I am doing this. 

Mini Muffin by B.M
Mini Muffin by B.M

There you go, my most surprisingly helping hand!


To read more about daily prompt and other bloggers that had written on this prompt, check out http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/05/19/daily-prompt-helping-hand/


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  1. minnnara says:

    aww..thats sweet 🙂

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