Who To Travel With

Right, you have decided to go travel but now the big question is do you want to travel alone? Travel with a mate? Travel with a bunch of friends? or Travel with your loved one? Travel with the family? or Travel with stranger(someone you just met or tour group)?

It is a tough question but the answer isn’t always that hard. Well, I am going to list down some PROS/CONS for each category.

Travelling Alone

The Pros:

  • You can do what you want, when you want, how you want, come and go as soon as you want. No compromises just flexibility.
  • You are also most likely to meet and talk to someone new on the road. Solo travellers are actually much more approachable than people travelling in pairs or in group just because you don’t just stick to your partner or mates but tried mingling around. You are never alone.
  • A local might just approach you because they think that you are all alone and perhaps, need a company. What great way to know the local. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience.
  • A confidence booster.
  • You learn more about yourself and others. It will heightened your state of awareness of your surrounding. Travelling alone is an enlightening process.
  • High learning curve as you are more likely to try a new language, learn to navigate, trying new things/skills (just to name a few) than relying on someone who might already have the skill or is just more daring than you are.
  • No fallout with the person/people you are travelling with.

The Cons:

  • It can get lonely. There are just times when you just want to share your excitement/frustration with someone you know without going through the whole,”How are you? Where are you from?” process.
  • If you are not good at meeting new people or making friends with strangers, you can get bored really quickly.
  • Who is going to watch over your stuff when you need the toilet?
  • Cost sharing is quite unlikely.
  • No alternative. You are unable to share food with another when you are undecided which to go for? With a mate, each of you can order different dishes and share.
  • It is easier to be lazy when you’re on your own. There is no reason to push yourself. You can get scared or sick or just plain exhausted.
  • No one to take your photo.

Travel with a mate or loved one

The Pros:

  • Finding that right person is the question. If you have the right person to travel with. It will help the experience between you. The right person will push you to travel farther, to experience more.
  • If you have the right person and are

    good together; you will be able to do what you want and what the other person wants, which will take you beyond yourself, to try new things and to new places. A good source of motivation to try/experience certain things that might never have cross your mind.

  • The best way to know the person you are travelling with especially if you are thinking of marrying/committed to the person. Travelling as a couple can be stressful, it shows a lot about the individual. Travel can be a great test for couple/best mates, of how compatible people really are. It can happen that people can break up, or it can strengthen their relationship.
  • Sharing!

The Cons:

  • You are not as free to do as you pleased. You need to be more accommodating to each other’s desire.
  • You might get into each other’s wrong side and spoilt the day.
  • When you travel with a partner or a friend you often just talk to each other, and you will appear less approachable.

Travel with a bunch of friends? Travel with the family?

The Pros:

  • It’s good fun to have familiar people to share your experience.
  • Bonding time

The Cons:

  •  Everyone wants to do different things; Harder to coordinate timing.
  • Indecisive causes more arguments.
  • Can take more patience, preparations and adjustments depending on the size of the group/family.

So, who to travel with?

There is really no one right answer to travelling. For me, it all comes down to the timing, place and budget. In all honesty, I enjoy travelling alone but at times, it can get lonely not that I am not meeting people. But people who I can genuinely share real feelings with. My suggestion is if you have never travelled alone. You should give it a go. At least once in your life. It is uplifting, inspiring and yes, it can be nerve-racking (in a good way!). I have learnt more about myself travelling alone than I ever will if I have not done so. But now, I fancy travelling with a buddy (preferably, my partner). Someone that I can genuinely share a laugh with, my frustration with and my experience with. I think travelling together always either bond a relationship or wreck it. But it is still my preferred way of travelling for now. I might just do a few side trip on my own every now and then and just to have some time to myself. It is liberating to be able to do so. I don’t mind travelling with my family either just because I have a pretty cool parent that are pretty easy-going. So, that is a plus for me. But a huge NO NO to group travelling. It has never work out for me. It always went horribly wrong and annoying. Someone is or always will be in an argument and spoilt it for everyone. So, there you are, this is just a short post about what I think “who we should travel with”. So, what say you?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. SuzieD says:

    Good lists! If u are serious about solo travel u have to know the pluses and minuses. YEs, it can be amazing fun – but u will be lonely from time to time.

    I have about 12 years solo travel experience, and my top tips for any solo traveler are below.

    #1. Email yourself a scan of your passport in case your lose it.

    #2. Also text yourself your passport number, expiry date & place of issue. It makes it SO much easier to check-in at a hotel than scrabbling around for ur passport.

    #3. Make a simple list of currency conversions FROM local currency BACK TO your currency. Put it in your wallet for easy access (e.g. 100 Rials = 1.32 dollars **NOT** 1 dollar = 0.174 Rials, etc). Also stick another copy into back of your Lonely Planet for even easier access.

    #4. Memorise 5 key phrases in the local language “Excuse me”, “Hello”, “Goodbye”, “Thanks”, “Thank you very much”. That’s all you’ll really need.

    #5. Carry your valuables in a simple plastic bag or cotton bag. No one ever thinks anything in a plastic bag is valuable. Don’t carry a day backpack. Yes, they are comfy but they SHOUT “I am a tourist!”.

    #6. Triple check every time your get on a bus/train that it is going to your destination. First ask the driver, then ask a fellow passenger, then ask another passenger.

    #7. Carry your smartphone with you and join websites like Travlbuddy, Wandermates.com and VivTrav to help meet other people (like me http://www.wandermates.com/profileview.php?profileuserid=6 🙂 None of them are perfect, but they are useful.

    #8. Stay in hostels, they are THE BEST place to meet other travelers.

    #9. If there are no hostels, go on 1 or 2 day activity outings, e.g. diving, climbing, canyoning, etc. They are another great way to meet people.

    1. JY says:

      Thanks for leaving some of your wonderful ideas. I never thought of item #9 before. So, will definetely keep that in mind for the future.

  2. mightwar says:

    A very vital point you have discussed here as travelling can be made or broken by who you travel with. I have done most of my travelling by myself – mainly because of the destinations I have wanted to go and because I go when I am ready to take up opportunities that present, rather than waiting for others to join me.

    I agree with you that travelling solo is an “enlightening experience”. Spending time with yourself in an unfamiliar space brings so much to light and can be truly life-altering – if you are open to what arises (good, bad and indifferent).

    The one piece of advice I would offer about travelling with others is to allow space in your trips for what each person needs. You don’t have to do everything together – what draws one person will not necessarily be of interest to another. So separate from time to time and then come together later to share what you did/discovered.

    1. JY says:

      Thank you for your kind word of advice. And i appreciate that you have chosen to view my page here.cheers

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