Siem Reap Visual Overview #9 – Preah Khan

Visited on the 26th December 2012 (Wednesday)
Day 03

A Buddhist university and city
A Buddhist university and city

Summary from Ancient Angkor Books Guide (Michael Freeman & Claude Jacques)

Date: Late 12th century (1191)

Style: Bayon

Reign: Jayavarman VII, alterations by Jayavarman VIII


According to the ancient Angkor guide, Preah Khan was more than a temple. It was a buddhist temple with over 1000 teachers. Imagine that. I wonder which university around the world now has even 1000 teachers in a place?

Why Preah Khan was my favourite? Honestly, I can’t give you a reason. I just love it. There’s just something serene about it. Lost and mystical. And, I can’t help but to imagine the many teachers that once walked in this place. Imagine what they taught here? Such a huge university city and so much knowledge to embrace.


Cheeky monkeys waiting to be fed

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