Siem Reap Visual Overview #7 – Kampong Pluk and hanging out in Pub Street

Visited on the 25th December 2012 (Tuesday)
Evening of Day 02

From Beng Mealea, we visited Kampong Pluk, the floating village.  At first we were undecided to do either Kampong Pluk or Chong Kneas Floating Village because we had heard different comments/opinions on these. We finally decided on doing Kampong Pluk because of what we heard from fellow travellers and tripadvisor.  However, the experience at Kampong Pluk do differs itself from Chong Kneas because its people are living in houses that are surrounded by water while Chong Kneas is a floating community that lives on boats.

When we first arrived, first thing that came across our mind was what had we got ourselves into? The place is full of boats and no one speak english. Nor did our Tuk Tuk driver. A few young men came over, they basically asked for our tickets. We passed to one of them and they basically start snatching it from each other. We were confused and was looking at each other looking pretty worried. We didn’t even said a word to each other.

The young man who successfully snatched the tickets started running toward the boat area only occasionally signalling us to follow him. We followed and when we saw his boat, Pheeww…we were relieved. We seriously thought otherwise. When we started going and seeing some of the fancier stilt houses, we were both thought we got cheated to come and see a human zoo. But the further we went, it was like entering into a whole new world. We saw real people going about doing their daily chores, going to school, fixing nets, farming, washing, showering, children playing and etc. It was a mind-blowing experience.

It was gorgeous in its own way.

We reached an area where we were asked to support the local women in going onto their paddle boat around the swamp area. We have to pay $20/$25 (can’t remember anymore). We were both undecided but having 10 pairs of eyes looking at us were a pretty stressful feeling to be making any decision. But I decided since they claim it’s for the women in the community , why not?

We got on the paddle boat and we had a blast. It was a unique and great experience. The old woman even gave me a bunch of local swamp flower. It was nice plus we had one of the best sunset again.  From there we went back onto the original boat to see sunset in Tonle Sap and back. What a day!

I would highly recommend you to see Kampong Pluk.

We end our day exploring Pub Street. It is a vibrant drinking scene with heaps of restaurants, pubs and cafe. Is it authentic Cambodian? Of coz not. But it is still a great place to hang out to end the day. Most places on Pub Street have draft Angkor beer for US$0.50 and cans of other beers for US$1-2. Cocktails and spirits go for US$2.

A toast to a hard day out! + Merry Christmas!



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