Siem Reap Visual Overview #3 – Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Visited on the 24th December 2012 (Monday)
Temple Visit Day 01

Angkor Wat's Sunrise
Angkor Wat’s Sunrise

Ask any tourist that comes to Cambodia, what’s in their to do list? 9 over 10 would say a  photo of Angkor’s sunrise. That glimpse of sunrise rising just behind Angkor Wat. Have you done it before? If yes, you will know what I’m talking about. You wake up at 5am, still sleepy and you hop into the tuk tuk. He sped off and soon after you realised in the dark that there’s an unspoken rush and a race to the park. Some in cars, some in tuk tuk, some on their bike, buses and some even cycle (salute to such determination).

We were brought there in a tuk tuk. It was a chilly morning and I didn’t have a warmer clothing on me. We literally saw hundred of people coming from all direction. When we reached, we had zero idea where to go. Followed the crowd into the area near the notable pond that reflect back on the Angkor. We arrived before sunrise yet we did not meet the crowd. It was like hundreds of paparazi with all sort of cameras & tablets just clicking away. It was kind of ridiculous to be honest. And it is no fun being short at this moment plus no one cares. I was just about lucky enough to squeeze in a gap and got quite a good spot. I basically stretch my hand up real high to make sure I had no one in my view. At this moment, I thank the creator of live preview. All those shots above were of hard work and sweat. From me tiptoe-ing, to stretching my hand real high, a bit of luck, lots of smile to the person in front of you, avoiding a stampede and being a girl. LOL!

The only bad experience I had at this time was an indian woman who kept shoving behind me and another person beside me. I turn around and told her off and she goes,”shori, shori” while did her head bobble thingy. 5 Seconds later, there she goes again…pushing and grabbing on your shoulder. Ya, for real…she grab both our shoulder (the girl who was next to me). I turn around and was very firmly told her off. She goes “shori, shori” and her head bobble or wobble!

Minus that particular experience, was it worth it?

YES, despite the crazy amount of people, it was just magnificent. At this moment, I wish I am an empress and I will request for a solitude view of the place. Anyway …….. in my next life perhaps. Enjoy the photos. Leave a comment if you can!

Check out the crowd!
Check out the crowd!

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