Don’t FLY Jetstar!


Do you notice any weirdness in our itinerary?

Let me make this clear, I bought this ticket as a direct flight from Phuket to Christchurch with a stopover in Sydney. Bought it as 1 flight not 2 separate flight. And, true – partially it is my fault for not checking earlier on but the time differences really got me confused a bit. Plus – it is BIG TIME, Jetstar’s fault for even ALLOWING such a sale on their website.

Right — the story starts with me going to leave on the 16th Jan from Phuket. I looked at the itinerary and something just don’t feel right. I looked at it again. Wait a minute. I spotted it. How can I arrive in Sydney on the 17 Jan at 11.25 am and yet, my connecting flight was at 9.55 am same morning. Can I go back in time?  Darn it! Not now.

I panicky called Jetstar customer service. I had Edgar on the other side. Typical customer service voice saying,”How can I help you?”. So I explained my situation and I can hear him kind of typing away. Then, verification that is really me. Bla…Bla…Bla….. He said he needs to talk to his supervisor. I said sure. I was put on hold for about 10-15 Minutes. He got back on the line and said, they is a small mistake in the booking. (SMALL??) Are you kidding me?

Anyway, he said he can put me on another flight from Sydney Airport to Gold Coast Airport and catch my next plane to Christchurch. But he failed to remind me of a visitor visa that I would have to pay because I am now officially entering Australia as my original flight was just a transfer without having to leave the International Terminal.

I reached the airport and now Jetstar staff told me that I need the visa or else they are not letting me on their flight. I tried to explain my situation to the Jetstar staff in Phuket. You know what they said? They said it’s not their problem and I should have checked my itinerary when buying it. In frustration, I decided to call the Jetstar Customer Service again hoping that they will understand and they can sort out the visitor visa thingy for me or at least reimburse it. Since I am now wasting more time and money.

Called the first woman, I think she was Sarah. I explained my situation and she said she understand. She need to consult her supervisor and I was put on hold for 20-25 mins till the line disconnected. I basically listened to their advertisement till I nearly wanted to cry. I called back again, trying to get back the same person and this lady (whatever her name is) said it is against their policy to transfer the call. So, here I am again, doing the stupid verification and explaining my situation hoping for some solution.

The woman took awhile to understand me. When she did, again she needs to talk to her supervisor. Then she returned to the phone and proceed in telling me that there is nothing they can do. It is my fault. I have to deal with the consulate. I told her this is nothing to do with the consulate, Jetstar screwed up my flight. And, now I have to apply for the visitor visa and paying for it. They should at least offer to compensate the payment bit. Nope, in a very annoying voice, the woman kept repeating they can’t do anything because they already made that complimentary 1 time change for me (which they failed to mentioned that it is only 1 time) + she continued saying that I have agreed on the first change (which at that point, they failed to mention or remind me about the visitor visa and that I need to pay for it at the airport). I just want a smooth flight going home. But that’s what happened. The story actually went much longer because I was trying to reason with her by explaining that they screwed up my first bit and now the whole thing had made our live much more complicated. Not only we have to apply for the visitor visa to enter Australia, I need to pay more and then rush to catch the next flight from Sydney to Gold Coast which we just made it in a nick of time. All I wanted was either some sort of compensation or we transfer via a next flight at Sydney International Terminal so that I don’t need to officially enter Australia.

Oh, she even tried doing the, ” Oh. she can’t do anything any more because the check-n counter is closed now.” I asked her if she is kidding me. I am standing right in front of the counter while talking to her. Then she go asking me about the time in Phuket. FUCK!

YES! FUCK JETSTAR! They have an utterly STUPID ARROGANT CUSTOMER SERVICE. They are all right and you are all wrong because it’s my fault for not checking the itinerary. I say it is their fault for even allowing such a sale of such ticket.

In all honesty, if they would just come out straight and apologize by admit that it was their fault but there’s nothing they can do. I would have said fine, forget it. My bad luck. But Jetstar prefered to turn it around and said it was my fault and I should be responsible. OK..even typing this is making me exhausted thinking about what had happened.

Thanks, Jetstar for screwing the final night of my holiday. You made my day!

Oh, I forgot to mention. We had so many delays with them too when flying to Asia with them from New Zealand. They never fly on time. And, they never informed or provide you with any information regarding delays. Guests were just left in the dark guessing unless you went up to the staff and demanded for an explanation.

So, if you are happy to rush, go ahead. No one is stopping you. I really do not need such anxiety.

If you are keen to read more go to ( They have a whole website dedicated to people; warning them the danger of flying with Jetstar. There are better airlines out there so why go for Jetstar. You can also join the many unsatisfied customers at the “Don’t Fly Jetstar” Facebook Page.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. VampireM says:

    wow… that bad~! even worse than m’sian service.

  2. Peggy Tee says:

    Wow that sounds hideous! Very sorry about your awful experience with Jetstar. I have to say I’ve flown them a lot and have never had a problem – it is sadly a case of buy beware and double checking your itinerary before you hit the “Purchase” button! They are a low cost airline and I don’t expect a lot from them – which they deliver!

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      I’m sorry but I disagree with you in the fact that just because they are low cost carrier; they can screw their customers and not taking some responsibility. I have flown other low cost carriers that had consistently provide good service. I don’t expect 1st class but just with some courtesy & honesty.

  3. minnnara says:

    wahh..thats bad girl..sorry to hear that..anyway.thanks..i will not fly with them !

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