My Travel Must Have

Are there any items that you couldn’t live without when travelling? Maybe it is your comfy pillow, your special travel wallet, international adapters, eye masks and etc.

Whatever it was for you, it took me sometime to learn what is crucial for my travel; especially after this trip to South East Asia. Without them, nor sure if I would have felt as comfortable as I have.

My TOP 5 Must Have:


1. Ear Plugs

I don’t know how many times has my dear dear (bright yellow) ear plugs save me and given me really good sleep despite all the chaos that’s happening around me. From the worse snorer; to drunks; to construction work; to nearly any noise that you can think of. I slept through it. Without it, I would have been really grumpy and annoyed during my travel.

Plus it’s cheap, light, portable and you can keep it anywhere.

2. Wet Towelettes

When hand washing is impossible, you will be glad to have this baby around to keep your fingers from getting all yucky and sticky. Plus on a really hot day, it’s cooling to have the wet wipes on your face.

3. Travel Neck Pillow

Must I explain further on this? It gives you neck support while you dozed off in your seat, making sure your head won’t accidently fall on some stranger’s shoulder while napping, prevent that horrible head nodding, extra pillow when the accommodation’s pillow is too soft, and many more usage.

P/S: I don’t like the inflatable type. Tried them and it doesn’t work as well.

Mine is portable, comfortable and lightweight. I have a carabiner that I used to hook my neck pillow onto my bag pack or my handbag during my travel.

4. Reusable Shopping Bag

Why? Because:

a. You are saving the environment. Plastic bags aren’t biodegradable.

b. Plastic is the largest source of ocean litter.

I am using shopping bag by I absolutely love them. They are durable. Really strong. A good size. Super comfortable when carrying heavy stuffs. Convenient – just roll them up and chuck them in your bag or pocket. It is also water-resistant. Easy to clean. And, it’s appealing. You get to choose all sort of design that you like.

5. A small durable blanket or a thin summer sleeping bag

For the cold airport sleep over, the freezing train ride and just making it more comfortable. Use it as a cover or as a layer to sit/sleep on the floor.

There you go, my absolute travel essentials that would made any travel comfortable and easy. I know not everything can make you “the” traveller  but certain things can make life on the road a lot more comfortable.


What do you think?

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