The South East Asian Horror

Right! What are these horror that I am talking about? For me it was the long dreaded van ride. Stuck in a confined space with strangers, you can’t sit comfortably, you can’t sleep, and the driver is driving madly. It felt more like a roller coaster than a comfortable vacation ride.

My first horror story starts from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. We initially wanted to take the boat ride from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh but we were told it’s dry season there and the lake is not deep enough. So fine, we were advised by our guesthouse to take the “comfortable” van ride to Phnom Penh. It is longer to take the bus which will be 9 hours while the van will only take 6 hours. There you are, we were sold. We are doing the comfortable 6 hours van ride to Phnom Penh.

😦 Siem Reap to Phnom Penh by GOLDEN BAYON EXPRESS VAN!

Everything were great till the van ride. There were seats on the first row on the van but the driver insisted that we sit behind because there were seat allocation. Darn it! We were to sit on the last row of the van which was totally upright with hardly any leg room nor head room. It was hard enough for me to sit comfortably and Christopher was totally squashed at the corner. The driver proceeded to driving or should I said flying through the so called highway between Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Mind you, the road was bumpy and we kept having our head hitting on to the ceiling of the van. My bum are off the seat half the time.

Lucky me, I had Sting to keep me company and it distract me from the whole crazy ride. Plus the free (pretty consistent) Wifi that I get to used to chat with some friends mourning about my situation. LOL!


Our 2nd horror story were from our day trip tours in Bangkok. Since we were short of time in Bangkok, we decided to arrange day tour via our guesthouse. Unfortunately it was not a vacation I was looking for. It was the ride to hell on earth.

Do read TripAdvisor to see what others had said about them! Honestly I need to write a whole post on this one which I will. So stay tune to the Tour Ride to Hell in Bangkok.

😯 Express Train 85, Couch 16 – Bangkok to Surat Thani

My third horror story was the hawk like train attendant in coach 16 on my ride from Bangkok to Surat Thani. He was like eyeing our every moves. No this! No that! No..No…No…No…NO! Arghhh! Stupid crazy guy. He was bloody annoying.

The train ride got a bit better when we found out that there’s a secret restaurant in the middle of the train. That was funny. Everyone were drinking, dancing, laughing, talking, enjoying the airy coach, smoking even the lady train attendant was entertaining us. Had 4 big bottle of Chang. And, yes that was the highlight of the train ride.

😡 Van Ride from Surat Thani to Krabi

God! Another van ride. We thought it was a bus ride. But because of the number of passengers, they tried to down size to save cost. We had to wait an extra 1/2 hour for them to prepare a van. We were lucky to have gotten the middle seats but the van were filled up with luggages every where they can stuff in the van. There were practically no where you can go if there’s an accident. I actually felt quite claustrophobic sitting in there. But I guess the crowd were kind of cheery and that helps.

We missed the ferry ride from Krabi to Koh Lanta at 11.30am. We arrived at 12pm. So we were offered a bus ride to Koh Lanta which will leave at 1pm. We got picked up by a private car and got dropped off at another travel agent where we were told to wait till 2pm. Sigh! No information and they don’t tell you what’s going on. They kept moving you around. Finally we got picked up. A ride that was supposed to be 2 hours became 4 hours.

It’s probably the longest 24 hours I had so far.

Lesson Learnt:

Do not take the time of pushing off (except for ferries/plane) or arrival seriously in the Thailand. Be ready for the waiting, transferring around with no information offered, arriving really late, driver doing a detour, driver or agent will promise you anything prior to you purchasing your ticket, don’t make plans until you get to your destination, and have some sense of humor (Christopher was mine! – It helps!).  Oh, have some motion-sickness medication prior such trip if you are sensitive to car sicknesses like me.



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