Love Hate Phuket

I was in Phuket couple of years ago. I used to love part of it meaning down south away from Patong area.

But coming back now I have mixed feeling. Confused of what had become of Phuket. Phuket used to have kind of designated smaller community of people/visitor. The partying type would stay up in Patong. Those who craved for a peaceful, quieter beach would head down to Karon, Kata and further. It is no longer so. I remember I was so confident in assuring Christopher that Karon and Kata are not like Patong. And, how wrong can I be? Phuket now represent the worse of tourism that I fear in my travel and I’m stuck here.

I guess probably it is just part of development. People are coming to Phuket by the loads especially the Russian. Wherever you go in Phuket, you see heaps of sign and adverts targeted to Russian in their language. The funny thing is even sellers now are mainly Indians. I feel a bit lost being in Phuket. Or perhaps it is not me that is lost but Phuket. Phuket has lost its identity. She no longer know who she is. Thai food are no longer a speciality here. You find bbq stuffs everywhere and there are more western food varieties in the menu than local food. 

Russian! Russian everywhere! Arghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! I am not racist. Don’t get me wrong. But there are just Russian everywhere. Am I in Russia or Thailand? And really, some of these Russian really think money is everything. I used to think only the Chinese are like that but how naive am I to think that way. New Rich with Money are bad news all together.

I can’t wait to get out of here. Sadly, I wished I could but I am kind of stuck here for now waiting for Christopher doing his dive. We should have gone to other place. Sigh! Booking has been made and we can’t do much about it now. I do hope Christopher is having a much better and fun time on board than I have in Phuket.

I remember spoiling myself with massages whenever I was in Thailand. Again I was let down and disappointed. I paid $500 Baht yesterday for a horrible massage. The masseur just basically pour a whole heaps of oil on me and just randomly touching my body. I felt exactly the same when I walked out the door after the massage but oilier and utterly disappointed.

And just the other night, I went out for dinner alone and the restaurant staff treated me like shit just because I was alone occupying the table (dinner for one) while the place was full and she would have love to put 5 Russian at my table instead of one. Disappointment after disappointment in Phuket. Nahhhh! If you asked me if you should visit Phuket, I will gladly say, “do give Phuket a Miss!”

Phuket has lost its identity and its authenticity with cheesy tourist attractions due to over-development. 

The only thing that is still keeping me sane here is the guesthouse (will be blogging this soon) that I am staying in. Lovely British (my guess because of his accent) owner and his awesome Thai staff that are always welcoming with their lovely infectious Thai Smile.

Not all of Phuket is lost yet, I have to say that the only thing that still remain for Phuket is its lovely sandy beaches which I doubt will remain so in the future.


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