Our Highly Recommended Tuk Tuk Driver in Siem Reap


Koeun picked us up for free at the airport as part of the guesthouse’s service. The first impression I had of Koeun was that he was really soft-spoken and a safe driver. He sent us to the guesthouse and informed us that he would love it if we would use his tuk tuk service while in Siem Reap.

As Koeun was the guesthouse’s tuk tuk driver. We were sceptical of guesthouse trying to charge us too high. So we attempted our own hunt for a good tuk tuk driver. Found one but we aren’t exactly too happy with him. It’s hard to explain.

By the 3rd day, we decided that we want a change. Koeun approached us just the night before and asked us how’s our trip so far. He even gave us suggestions of what else to do in Siem Reap without giving us pressure that we should be using his tuk tuk. He was genuine in sharing his love of Siem Reap. My partner and I decided that we were really comfortable with him and would like to use his service.

We took up his service and kept him to the last day of our stay in Siem Reap. He was attentive, wasn’t pushy, friendly, punctual, reliable, easy-going, understand exactly what we want, courteous and a safe driver. We never once felt he had other agenda. We were really happy that we decided to change and uses his service instead. Wished that we had done that from the start.

We are not being paid to promote his services. I am promoting his tuk tuk because we genuinely had found his services to be awesome and he had made our stay really great. We could not have found better. You would be helping him indirectly too by using his service as he is trying to get through his undergraduate while working.

Koeun used to work in the hotel thus I assumed that is why his English is good and we had no problem in communicating with him. He quit his hotel job to be more flexible in studying part time.

Koeun can be contacted at 012 375284 or if you are staying at Happy Angkor Guesthouse. He stays and work with them.


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  1. rizka says:

    hai, it’s really nice to read your story… i have plan to go to Siem Reap this year, may i know how much cost for one day tour to Angkor Wat with Koeun?

    1. Unfortunately, I don’t remember any more. But I can assure you that his price was really reasonable on top of his great service and personality. I did my homework before hiring one and I regretted for not getting him from day 01.

      Hope this helps.

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