Sleeping in Christchurch Airport

Front view of Christchurch International Airpo...
Front view of Christchurch International Airport, New Zealand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am currently in the arrival waiting area of Christchurch airport. I wanted to sleep but I just can’t. Haven’t done this in a while and was already spoilt by the comfort a nice fluffy bed. So currently I am in a really uncomfortable position. Back hurts, neck hurts..Yup, nearly everything else is in pain. Sigh! Or perhaps it is just a sign that I am getting old. Phhmmmppff!

Plus there is really annoying bald security guard that is going around harassing people about where they can sit, put their legs, bags etc. He is one mean looking dude. Including Christopher, there are probably a good 12 people sleeping in this area.

Christchurch airport got to be one of the most uncomfortable airport I have slept in for a few reasons.

1. The mean looking airport security guard that kept coming to check everyone. Walking in between people and no idea what’s he counting very now and then. Wondered if there’s a black hole underneath the carpet that would suck travellers away?  

2. The frequent announcements about a safety conscious airport (which is kind of getting on my nerve by now)….They were really loud. Ear plugs highly recommended if you actually want to catch some sleep.

3. Only the International Arrival area is open. So, we are basically cordoned to one small area. Only a small designated area for waiting/sleeping.

More ideas of other airports to sleep in? Check out The author got to have the web’s most comprehensive airport sleeping review.

It’s 2.24am now. We could only check in at around 5 am. I am just watching the time ticking away. Wished it would go faster. I was thinking in the bus now about my trip home. Just realised in order for to get home I have already started travelling since Friday.

Friday – Leaving Roxburgh to Dunedin. Overnight in Dunedin

Saturday – Took a bus at 2.15 pm from Dunedin to Christchurch airport. Reached about 8.30 pm.

Sunday – Will be taking a flight from Christchurch to Auckland at about 8 am. Transiting in Auckland for about 2 hours. Auckland to Singapore about 10 plus hours. Stopping in Singapore for about another 2 hours. Then, flight to Kuala Lumpur. Should reached KLIA at about 8.45 pm (Sunday night Malaysia Time)

Monday – Early flight back to Kuching from KL.

Gulp! How many hours in total has I travelled or will I travel to get home? It’s really one long journey home.

Highlight: I pass the RCYCP exam that I sat with University of Oklahoma. A huge relief!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. minnnara says:

    gosh! I will sleep at LCCT next month! The next day, go straight to office

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      I am sleeping in LCCT tonight. Actually this morning. 😛 where r u heading to?

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