Where has the year gone to?

Gulp! Another year has gone by so quickly again and I’m seeing January of the year 2013 just around the corner. It’s coming up quick. Argghhh! How I wish I am a child now not understanding the concept of time and not to be bothered by it. Well, technically I’m not bothered by…well…maybe I am….hmmmmmm!

I guess I am trying to say is that I am bothered by time not because I am getting uglier and slowly adding wrinkled and lines to my face (Ok..I am a wee bit worried about the line). But I am bothered by time because of how fast it has gone by and so little that I have achieved in life. Do I enough time to do everything I want to? Sigh! The irony of life.

Anyway, am taking the opportunity to recap the wonderful things that had happened, places I have been to and the lovely people who I’ve met or spent time with in 2012. There are just way too much that have taken places and I wouldn’t be able to fit all in the collage. I did wish I had taken more photos of some people who I have met this year but I didn’t. Nonetheless, you are all in my mind.

2012 recap


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