Upcoming Itinerary: Borneo Island, Cambodia and Thailand

What’s next? Well, it’s that time of the year where I cannot sit still and I need to get going. Plus I am really tired and I guess it’s good to recharge. The perk of my current job is that my work place would close for a whole month so it is great for planning a long trip. This time round, I have decided to only do South East Asia mainly because of budget and the timing. Timing is because most places in the world will be experiencing winter and I am really kind of sick of cold weather by now.

Borneo Island: This is home for me. So, I don’t think I’ll be doing much touristy stuff but more of catching up with family and friends. Did I mentioned eating too!! I missed local seafood and durian. I hope it will be in season.

Cambodia: I have always wanted to visit Angkor but never really got there. So I don’t see any reason I shouldn’t visit the place since I am already in South East Asia. Christmas in Angkor – that would be fun.

Thailand: I have always had a soft spot for Thailand. I don’t know why. It felt like a second home. Great food, awesome people, love the culture, beautiful beaches minus the touts, cheap goods and what are there not to love about Thailand? I don’t really know. I have even considered working in Thailand for a bit for the experience and immerse myself in its culture. What do you reckon, C.F?



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  1. Peggy Tee says:

    Enjoy Cambodia! Angkor is beautiful, especially at dawn. I’m also heading to Thailand this holiday season, and can’t wait! Safe travels.

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      I will. I can’t wait too. You have fun too in Thailand. 🙂

  2. VampireM says:

    Lotsa ppl are eating durians now. It’s in season, and cheap!

    I love Thailand too. Will be going to Koh Samui in January, and possibly Koh Lipe at the end of the month 😀

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Syioknya! I want durian……. 😦 when r u heading to Koh Samui exactly?

      1. VampireM says:

        Jan 12th, flying in direct from here.

      2. jyhedgehog says:

        Going there with your friends?

      3. VampireM says:

        Yup, will be going with a bunch of friends – about 10 of us, but a couple may pull out at the last minute (and leaves us with an available room paid for). Do let me know if you are going 😀 We can hang out.

      4. jyhedgehog says:

        If I am there at the same time, I will surely let u know. How do I contact u by the way? Do u check fb all the time?

    2. jyhedgehog says:

      I might just be there about the same time. unsure yet. I dont have a set itinerary for now

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