Let the Right One In (Låt den rätte komma in)

Let The Right One In

Well, to wind down the week, I have decided to watch a movie. So here I am, I have just finished watching this particular movie (the Swedish version) and I have to say I am fascinated. I am intrigued. I am..How should I put it? Amazed. The storyline was great. Love the cinematography. No silly horror background music. Very elegantly done.

First, let me summarised the story: (SPOILER ALERT!)

A pale looking and lonely boy, Oskar trying to find his place in the world that was always being bullied in school. He wanted to fight back but never had the courage to do so. He kept a hunting knife which he practised every evening on how he is going to confront his bullies but never had the gut to do it. He shy away from most everyone and had lovely manners. A strange girl moved in next door and he see her down in the courtyard at night. She initially told him that they will not be friends but eventually did become good friends. This girl, Eli who doesn’t wear a coat and doesn’t seem to feel the sub-zero temperature at all. When asked, she said she guess she forgot how to feel anymore. She has sad eyes, slightly grubby features, and a manner gentler and more beguiling than that of any of his classmates.

Well, long story short, friendship turn into love and he discovered that Eli quite an unusual girl. While all these were happening, there were some killings in the suburb he is living in. They were naturally drawn to each other. He later discovered Eli is a vampire but aren’t afraid of her. They had a unique relationship of needing each other. The movie ends with Oskar leaving Stockholm in a train with Eli in a box.

What do I think about it?

In short, a refreshing vampire movie. Nothing like twilight. The story itself is poetic yet disturbing in some ways. The casts had done a marvellous job in bringing the characters to live. It was so cleverly done with a great polar effect of diffidence and passion; love and horror; cold and hot.  Final word is “Exquisitely Crafted”.

I read online that the movie is actually based on a novel written by John Ajvide Lindqvist with the same title. I am really interested to read the book to see how the author pen out the story overall.

P/S: There’s an AMERICAN version (a remake) of this movie which I would strongly discourage you from watching. Watch the real thing which is the Swedish version. I know in a heart beat that it’s better.


What do you think?

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