Where I’ve Stayed: West Plaza Hotel, Wellington

I was arranged to stay at West Plaza hotel by the organisers for the conference that I have attended. I have only stayed here one night and this review is of my opinion and experience. It is in no way represent the opinion of others.

West Plaza Hotel

Date stayed: 28 Nov 2012 – 29 Nov 2012

Type of Room: I think it’s a double room

Paid: N/A (The room was paid by the organiser of the conference)


110-116 Wakefield Street


1. It’s right in the central. PRIME LOCATION.

2. Good selection of breakfast. Basic but what the heck, I was there on business.

3. Pleasant and helpful staff.

4. Functional not elegance.



1. Lights in room is really dim.

2. Design is dated. I felt like I was walking into a hotel room of the 80’s.

3. I don’t like my room view. My room window overlook a huge multi-level parking building.



Value: (I am not aware of the price. According to the website, it is about $125 a night)

Location: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

Sleep Quality: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5  (The wall was kind of thin. I can hear the tv from the room next door but I still had a good sleep.)

Cleanliness: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

Service: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5


I have never been a fan of hotels for obvious reasons like it’s pricey and I don’t see the point in paying so much for a space that I only spend a few hours sleeping in. In saying so, I have no objection to being arranged to stay in one for free. LOL. And, thanks to the organisers of this conference, I was able to experience staying this hotel. The experience had been good without any complaint. They even let me leave my bag in their luggage room after I checked out. I only came and picked my bag up late the afternoon. Great Service! and did I said,” AWESOME LOCATION“!

p/s: The bunny on the bed is mine! Don’t think they will provide you with one..


4 Comments Add yours

  1. minnnara says:

    Hey, awesome!! Maybe I should continue doing something like this too?
    What kind of conference girl? 🙂

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Continue something what, dear?
      It’s a trade union conference for youth! 🙂

  2. Hi and thanks for your comments good to hear you enjoyed your stay at the West Plaza Hotel . We also agree that we have one of the best locations in Wellington City!

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Hey Julie,
      I am assuming you are from West Plaza Hotel, then. Yes, you guys do have an awesome location and great customer service.

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