Where I’ve Stayed: YHA Wellington City

I will doing a short review on my 2 nights stay in a 4 bed dorm ensuite in YHA Wellington City. This review is of my opinion based on my 2 nights experience there and in no way represent the opinion of others. Please read with an open mind.

YHA Wellington

Date stayed: 29 Nov 2012 – 01 Dec 2012

Type of Room: 4 Bunk Beds Ensuite

Paid: $33 a night 


292 Wakefield Street
Te Aro, Wellington


1. It’s strategically located. Walking distance to central.

2. Room was clean and tidy.

3. I had the room facing the waterfront. So the view was great.

4. The supermarket is right across the street and opened till 11pm.

5. Coin Operated Locker which is just convenient when you still have time to see the city but you need to check out from your room.


1. Kitchen was often crowded and quite dirty.

2.  Ensuite bathroom wasn’t memorable. Felt more like an operating room.

3. Thin wall in the bedroom. I can hear our next door neighbour’s conversation.

4.  My bunk bed‘s mattress was sinking in the middle. That wasn’t too comfortable.

5. The screw of the top bunk bed railing was loose. It is supposed to prevent the sleeper from falling out but because it’s loose, I wasn’t afraid to go too near to it.

6. My room was on Level 5 facing the waterfront. However, this hostel is located right in front of a busy road. You can hear vehicle zooming by throughout the night.

7. When I was there, there were quite a number of group with huge number of children. Felt like a school trip (school group) actually and they were constantly screaming, running and being loud.

8. My food bag placed in the shelf was moved a few times by other guest (my guess!) which was annoying because I ended up having to go through all shelves just to find mine.

YHA Wellington


Value: \bigstar\bigstar/5

Location: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

Sleep Quality: \bigstar/5

Cleanliness: \bigstar\bigstar\bigstar/5

Service: Mixed feeling about this one as I had one really arrogant and bitchy receptionist and another that was just really helpful and awesome. I also overheard the conversation of the YHA staff on their lunch break in the dining hall bitching about the accommodation and how dirty it was. That just doesn’t help in improving my view on the place.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. skycastles says:

    When I was there last year, my four-bed ensuite dorm was clean. I was there during the winter and had the room to myself quite often. No school groups while I was there so the noise and crowd was minimal. Definitely liked the location – near the grocery store and ferry to the South Island. Still, it’s a bit sterile and not very welcoming like some of the other YHAs in NZ.

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      I guess it’s probably a summer crowd. LOL! Just bad timing. I agree that this YHA is really different from the other YHAs. There’s no character to it. Often it just felt like those party hostel. So, which YHA did you like best in New Zealand? I think mine was the one in Mount Cook.

      1. skycastles says:

        Mount Cook was nice but I was sick while I was there so that tainted the experience LOL The one in Kaikoura had a wonderful view and a great sunrise/sunset view.

      2. jyhedgehog says:

        Argghh! That’s not good. Sorry to hear that. But I had a great sunrise in YHA Mt Cook. It was just beautiful. I have not experience YHA Kaikoura. I didn’t even know there’s one.LOL!

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