Weta Cave Wellington

Weta Cave was on top of my TO DO list coming to Wellington. Having been in the broadcasting industry and my love for movies. It is just unavoidable that I have to visit the Weta Cave this trip.

Weta Cave is in a suburb area of Miramar.  Not sure why they choose to be  in this area but it is slightly away from the central. You can reach the place by public buses, taxi or tour buses. How to get to the Weta Cave?

Honestly, I am disappointed during this trip. Probably because I am such a big fan of animation, CGI and movies; I expected more. The place is really small. This is not a museum. There is a mini museum in a corner. And be warned, it is really mini. It functioned more like a small souvenir/merchandise shop. There’s a lot figurines that I wished to have but they don’t have it on site. I wanted to also see more props, photos of behind the scene and etc..

I guess the disappointment was of my own doing. It wasn’t their fault that I expected something totally different. Keeping that in mind, Weta Cave is where it all started. There’s also no cost to visit Weta Cave. So that is a pro. They also play 20 minute behind-the-scenes DVD about the work that goes on at Weta. I like it because it was the only highlight in Weta Cave for me. Check out also all the projects that Weta has done or in process of. And according to their website, due to the confidentiality of all the projects that pass through Weta Workshop, they can never do public tours of the actual workshop. Bummer!

After the visit, I guess I am feeling a bit like Gollum loosing his ring.

Some other photos that I took of the place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am still looking forward to seeing the Gollum sculpture at the Wellington airport tomorrow. Can’t wait!


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