Tattoo or No Tattoo

Have you ever felt incomplete? I did. I have always felt something was missing physically since high school. So one day, I came home to mum and said I want to get a tattoo. I was about 15 then. Of course mum said NO and she said you can do whatever you want when you turn 18 but for now, NO Tattoo. I know there’s no point in arguing with mum so I let it go.

When I turn 18, I was like “Yeh”. I can  now do whatever I want. But I chicken out. So I thought it was just a teenage phase where it will passed. I think forgot about it for some time but then the thought came back often at the back of my head to get one. Why? I am not entirely sure. It’s definitely not just aesthetic. I felt that a tattoo has always somehow been part of me. I want to have a tattoo that I have a strong connection with.

During my late twenties, I decided to put the tattoo on hold because I was thinking I would like to be married without a tattoo anywhere in sight and would only get one after. I guess time has passed that I figured that I am probably not going to ever decide to get married. LOL! Nonetheless,  I have been hunting and looking over the years waiting to figure out that right design. I did not rush and I know a tattoo is permanent. So I wanted it to be somewhat perfect. I want a design with meaning that incorporate my background, my past, future and strengths. The “Want” grew more intense since I got to New Zealand. I felt the strong need to reconnect with my culture and my beloved, Borneo Island. Sigh!

I have recently been thinking of the hornbill motif as the core design. I am still considering.

What do you think? Have you ever thought of getting a tattoo or something like that?


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  1. minnnara says:

    go for it!!..but please..not hornbill! 🙂

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      LOL….I don’t know yet. Still considering…. 😛

  2. Peggy Tee says:

    I got my tatt after surviving a car accident, which really woke me up and reminded me that life is short – make the most of what you have of it. My design is also very personal, and meaningful to me. My advice is to choose carefully and be sure of your decision. Where you place your tatt is also key. Above all, it should express who you are. Have fun!

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Ya, the placing of the tattoo is still giving me a headache. I just can’t figure out where I wanted it to be at… Frustrating..
      Do you have a pic of ur tatt on ur blog?

      1. Peggy Tee says:

        No I don’t. Sorry, can’t help you there! Mine is on my right hip though, wanted it to be visible only when I chose. Downside to that is that if I have children the tatt will break. Your tattoo artist can talk to you about where to place it, etc and have suggestions about the best designs as well.

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