Black Water Rafting adventure in the Paparoa National Park, Charleston

I practically backdate my work days to arrange time to go do this. Why? Because I want to get going. To keep challenging myself. I want to stop myself from having any fear which is of course near impossible. But I am attempting to at least try to remove some of it. Why live life in fear? You only have one and I am not going to waste it by just sitting around doing nothing. I think death will catch up with us no matter where and how you keep yourself safe. Obviously I won’t be taking stupid chances but I am just making the most my life. Actually doing things that I have only imagining myself doing.

And you know what ….. I had a blast at doing the caving and rafting last weekend. I have to admit that I recently discover that I’m claustrophobic too; so going caving was ……hmmmmm……. how should I put it. I wasn’t sure. So, on the 10.11.12, I did the black water rafting and it turn out great. I secretly wished the river water was higher to get more thrill of it but it was still fun.

I must say if you are not a pro-caver/rafter and looking for something to try out. This would be a good start. I did the 4 hour Black Water Rafting adventure with Underworld Adventures. They basically equipped us with wet suits, socks, boots, gloves and helmet for the adventure. All you got to do is pay for it, arrive on time and wear your swimwear underneath. We were then taken to the Nile River Rainforest Train for the travel through the rain forest close to the enormous Nile River Caves.

A short walk from the train stop, we were given our tube which we need to carry with us the whole way till we reach the underground river. There were a short climb (about 130 steps) up to get you to the opening of Ananui (Metro) Cave entrance. During the walk in the cave, our guide; Doug introduce us to the history of the place, glow worms, the stalactites and stalagmites in the upper dry levels of the cave and of course, some jokes along the way. It was three level down when we reached the slow-moving underground river on which we float in our tube. It was a near complete darkness when we did this. While floating through the cave, I was just mesmerized by the thousands of glow worms shining on the ceiling of the cave. It felt nearly like looking out to the faraway galaxies.

We finished off the trip floating through the rushing rapids of the Nile River.

I am now pretty hooked on rafting and hope to do more in the future.

I would recommend this to anyone wanting a wee bit of an adventure.

You can contact them at

Norwest Adventures Ltd.

Phone: +64 3 788 8168
New Zealand Freephone: 0800 11 6686
Postal: Box 7, Charleston 7865, New Zealand

p/s: Paparoa National Park was also the film sites for the BBC’s “The Lost World” production.



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