Why I need a holiday!

Yes, I really do need a holiday. I am emotionally drained and I felt like I am working on automated mode. I have somewhat lost the drive. Oddly enough, it is not my work with the children that gets me but the management that runs the organisation that runs me dry. They are not bad people. Strangely, my colleagues are all marvellous people. I enjoyed them as friends/colleagues. But not all of them are efficient leader. It can be tiresome when you can’t get things done because the lack of efficiency.

It is a stressful workplace working with high needs behavioural children. Thus, the  more I need my time away so that I can come back to work and am recharged. I do not want to be disengage at work.

However, knowing that I have another camp to go before the camp closes is really helpful. It is keeping me motivated and I am looking forward to the year-end long holiday away from everything. I am always at my happiest when I am exploring far away places and being lost.

So,South East Asia, here I come!



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