Fun Facts !

Profession: I work with children (age 6-12)
Location: New Zealand

(Shhhhh! My Secret!) 

(Aiming for) Would love to be: A full-time backpacker real soon
(Ideally) Would love to be: A Travel Host, A Food Critic, A Resort & Restaurant Owner
(Dream On!) Would love to be: A Multi-millionaire, A Heiress, A Philanthropist (LOL!)

While Travelling! 

Useful skills while on the road: Am pretty good with maps, Bargaining 

I Miss the Most: Dressing up! & my Comfy BED! 

Most Annoying: Packing & Repacking, Horrible Dorm-mates (SNORERS including those INCONSIDERATE & LOUD), Showering with flip-flops on & Restricted time to shower.

Must Do: Try Local Delicacies, Experiencing Local Market, Historical Sites + Museum

Tips: Spreading out the money to a few places (why? – to avoid theft & to avoid unnecessary spending)

Cannot live without: A Pen, A good book, My Flip-Flop & My Camera

Have grown to love: Camping

The Travel Style: Backpacking & Hostel

The Ideal Travel Style: The Professional Traveller [stay a few months/year in a country, work, travel and proceed to the next country]

When NOT Travelling! 

Useful skills: I don’t exactly know! LOL! 

Things I Miss the Most: Travelling & Backpacking! 

Most Annoying: Daily Routines & Bills!

Must Do: Surf the Net 

Tips: Go and enjoy the nature even when you think you don’t have the time 

Cannot live without: Laptop & Mobile 

Have grown to love: the comfort of a home

The Ideal LifeStyle:  Working at something I am passionate about! Still looking!


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