Seeing myself now within this moment in life


Right! I know I have not been trying hard enough to blog more. The truth is I can’t seem to find the time. When I do, I am just exhausted. But it is no excuse.

Anyway, just a little bit of catching up. Next week will officially be my 3 months in the camp. Oddly enough, it had only been 3 months, I felt like I have been here ages. Probably because of the busyness of the everyday’s life in camp and each day seem to fly by real quickly.

This got to be the top question from friends whenever I catch up with someone. Do I like my job? –The truth is it’s hard to say. It’s a highly demanding job thus it comes with its own set of stresses. I have had bad days where I just felt like saying it’s enough. I can’t do this everyday and yet, small lovely gesture from children that I worked with; allows me to reconsider my “spur of the moment decision”. It’s not easy being surrounded with high needs and high behavioural children every single day. On top of that, I have individual programme that I need to create, personalized for the key children whom I am working with. Not forgetting, all that “so troublesome never-ending paperwork that you need to keep track off” in order to keep yourself accountable at your work place.

Let’s see – monetary motivation? Not so much. But, the pay is reasonable for me for the time being. Experience? – In term of working with children – learning heaps. Training? Not so much. Hopefully it will improve soon. Time? Obviously, I no longer own my time. Flexibility? Some what there, I guess. Social life? Nearly zero.

So, in order to answer the question if I like the job — I TRULY NOT KNOW THE ANSWER.

Gosh!! Tough! Yes, Work does dictate my life for the time being. Choices – restricted!

All I know is for now, I just want to get thru this one year at the camp before considering other options and I am looking forward to my year-end 4 weeks holiday because the camp would be closed then.

I need to get away to recharge as usual. Unfortunately, I wish I am able to say I’ll be travelling to Europe but I’m not. Sigh! Money is my usual culprit and weather is not too appealing for me. So, nope. Am just visiting mum & dad for a bit and doing bits of South East Asia. Well, at least, I’ll get away a bit and enjoy the tropical and warm humid beaches. LOL!

Right…Am getting sleepy. Off to bed now. Good night, dearest readers.

Hugs and kisses from Central Otago.

It’s a shame that the only thing a man can do for eight hours a day is work. He can’t eat for eight hours; he can’t drink for eight hours; he can’t make love for eight hours. The only thing a man can do for eight hours is work. –William Faulkner

Interesting perspective, don’t you think?






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