Do I like my work?

Some Days:

E Shift: Have to wake at 06.00am, Work start at 06.45am

Alarm rings – hit snooze. Alarm rings – groan. Alarm rings again – Ok!!! Am getting up. Get up, throw on some clothes. Wondering what’s for breakfast. Wash up, get to work, TIRING day. Go home, eat, wash up, watch a movie, go to bed.

Alarm rings – hit snooze. It’s only Thursday. Can’t wait for the off days soon. I just want to sleep on my day off. Please let me win the lottery. So I can do whatever I want and wake up whenever I want. 

Other Days:

N Shift: Work start at 1.30pm. Usually wake up late around 10am.

Alarm rings. Wake up. Nice hot shower. Throw on some clothes. Lunch. Movie before work. Off to work. Crazy Tiring Day. Go home, wash up and go to bed.

So, do I like my work? That is a seriously tough question. No kidding. At times, really rewarding. Knowing what I am doing helps the children a bit. At times, I felt that I am losing the control.

Overall — I really don’t know. Just TIRED. Yes, emotionally and physically tired.

Even though, I have just started this job not too long ago, I am already now yearning for a long tropical holiday.


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  1. The Adventures of Twins says:

    I’m so happy to see that your days are just like my days. I’m sometimes embarrassed when people ask me what I do on weekends or on my days off. And I just think, I barely have the strength to “party”, I just want to come home and eat and watch a movie and SLEEP!!

    Hang in there, it might take a bit to get use to the crazy schedule. You’ll make it. 🙂

    P.S. I’m also waiting for my lottery winnings but I have a feeling I would still do what I do, but maybe not Monday to Friday.

    1. jyhedgehog says:

      Ya, I know…LOL! It amazed me at times, where some people find all those time. LOL! 😛

      Replying P.S: I agree. I think the idea is to be in charge of your own time more. Owing the time than someone owning you. 🙂 p.s: I’m wishing for the impossible as I don’t even buy lottery. 🙂

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